More Monkey Business

The tides roll in and the tides roll out – just as God, Mother Earth or the Committee of dolphins who started this magnificence intended – but then human’s inventiveness, combined with their arrogance and stupidity, and a heavy dose of power and greed has led to dickheads being able to geoengineer the bejesus out of the weather to the point where yesterday, it was 86 degrees in this US western city I live in, and 24 hours later, it’s 32 degrees and snowing!  

Tis proper fuckery, Amy!

But it’s all cool and normal… in a totally perverted sense.  And would we like it any other way?  Evidently not as we keep swallowing their insanity leading to our demise.

Hey Mom…come quick…look! Now they’re getting the monkey’s in on the act!

Monkeypox Detected in Growing Number of Countries – via

Australia, Canada, Italy, and Sweden have become the latest countries to report their first confirmed cases of monkeypox, a rare viral disease typically limited to west and central Africa that has seen over two dozen cases reported and many more being investigated in several non-endemic countries over the past three weeks.


Cases of monkeypox were first recorded in humans in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1970s. In the past decade, more cases of monkeypox have been recorded. The disease was first discovered in 1958 in monkeys that were being kept for research.

Symptoms are similar to smallpox, but are milder. They include fever, headaches, and skin rashes that start on the face and spread to the rest of the body.

People can contract the disease through close contact with others who carry the virus, or with material contaminated with the virus.

The disease typically self-resolves within two weeks to a month, but in rare cases, people can experience severe illness and die. The WHO said that 3–6 percent of cases have resulted in deaths in recent times.

And here comes the BEST part:

“For purposes of controlling a monkeypox outbreak in the United States, smallpox vaccine, antivirals, and vaccinia immune globulin (VIG) can be used,” the agency stated.

Yes! Yes! Yes!  Why these shysters have thought of everything, haven’t they? Yet another jab of chemical goo for a disease that typically self-resolves within two weeks to a month.

Now, there isn’t anything unusual about all this, right?

Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered Corporations – via

Two corrupt companies were in rocky financial territory just a few weeks ago. Now, with concerns over a global monkeypox outbreak being hyped by media and global health organizations alike, the worries – and sins – of these two firms are quickly being forgotten. – by Whitney Webb

In recent days, concern over a global outbreak of monkeypox, a mild disease related to smallpox and chickenpox, has been hyped in the media and health ministries around the world, even prompting an emergency meeting at the World Health Organization (WHO). For some, fears have centered around monkeypox being the potential “next pandemic” after Covid-19. For others, the fear is that monkeypox will be used as the latest excuse to further advance draconian biosecurity policies and global power grabs.

Regardless of how the monkeypox situation plays out, two companies are already cashing in. As concern over monkeypox has risen, so too have the shares of Emergent Biosolutions and SIGA Technologies. Both companies essentially have monopolies in the US market, and other markets as well, on smallpox vaccines and treatments. Their main smallpox-focused products are, conveniently, also used to protect against or treat monkeypox as well. As a result, the shares of Emergent Biosolutions climbed 12% on Thursday, while those of SIGA soared 17.1%.

For these companies, the monkeypox fears are a godsend, specifically for SIGA, which produces a smallpox treatment, known by its brand name TPOXX. It is SIGA’s only product. While some outlets have noted that the rise in the valuation of SIGA Technologies has coincided with recent concerns about monkeypox, essentially no attention has been given to the fact that the company is apparently the only piece of a powerful billionaire’s empire that isn’t currently crumbling.  (as with most articles by Ms. Webb, they are long and always brilliant – you can read the rest of this article here)


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“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable…” ― H.L. Mencken


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Allman Brothers Band – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed ( At Fillmore East, 1971 )


Photo by Stephen Tafra on Unsplash

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