Dropping in the Pit

The torment continues to haunt the unwashed wherever they go.  Sledgehammers to the skulls in the form of words the masses no longer care to understand bombard their brains everyday.

Mumbo, jumbo…war, missiles, shots, jabs, pills, illness, death and destruction – the incoming is relentless.

How to cope with this onslaught?  Well, some shift into apathetic mode and cruise along, not giving a shyte.  Others pull a variation on the apathy gambit and bury their collective minds in inconsequential rubbish, horse manure and stupidity, pretending they have something solid to occupy their heads while they’re emptying their bowels. 

But for the vast majority it seems, it’s the chemicals that rock their world, or at least keep it miserably going.

Antidepressant Prescription Sales Spike – via armstrongeconomics.com

A SingleCare Team study revealed the majority of the US population takes some form of a prescription pill. The insurance agency found that the number of people reliant on prescriptions significantly rose after the pandemic. In fact, medications for mental health issues are on the rise. The company reported a 70% increase in prescriptions for the antidepressant Lexapro, a 31% increase in Zoloft, a 21% increase in Trazadone, a 20% increase in Prozac, and a 16% increase in Adderall. The agency noted that the American Psychological Association reported an uptick in individuals self-medicating illegally with opioids as well.

The average American takes FOUR different pills each day. So over 131 million Americans are reliant on at least one medication. Citizens in the US spend more than any nation on prescription drugs, with the average consumer spending $1,229. Canadians spend around $879.

As we all know, God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who created this wonder turned shit show by its inhabitants couldn’t calculate that homo sapiens would always downshift to the lowest form of thinking, thereby allowing assclowns from Gehenna to take over their lives and turn them into examples of what the lifeless will be like in Hell.  

So, when you hear or read shit like this:

The UK’s armed forces minister said Tuesday that London backs Ukraine carrying out strikes inside Russia with British weapons as the West is stepping up military assistance to Kyiv.

British MP James Heappey said that it was “completely legitimate” for Ukraine to be hitting targets inside Russia to disrupt logistics, adding that it was “not necessarily a problem” if the Ukrainians carried out such attacks using weapons London provided to Kyiv. (antiwar.com)

or this:

Conflicts of Interest: Billions in US Weapons Sent to Ukraine Disappear Into a “Black Hole” (antiwar.com)

or this:

Putin Promises ‘lightning’ response to strategic threats – via rt.com

…remember, they’re just words; treat them like you do when glancing at the list of side effects on your favorite chemical addiction and everything be will jake

This is Hell…right?

The biggest mistake you can make is to trust that your leaders’ actions would seem more sensible and appropriate if you knew what they know and understood what they understand. The wars really are as horrific and as pointless as they appear. The escalations in tyranny really are as bad as they seem. It’s not that you don’t understand what you’re looking at, it’s that you’re not a sociopath.

When a loved one is very self-destructive you can’t control their fate; at some point you’ve just got to let them make their mistakes and hope something in them wakes up before they wind up dead. That’s pretty much how you’ve got to be with the entire human species at this point. – Caitlin Johnstone


Tonight’s musical offerings:

L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole


Beethoven: Sinfonie No. 3 (»Eroica«) ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Andrés Orozco-Estrada



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