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As the apathetic’s addiction to never raising an eyebrow toward anything that might do them a disservice, harm them, or even end their stay on this clown show continues entrenched in its glorious ambivalence, it seems the indifferent and uninterested are finding new heights of ‘don’t give a damn’ and have no need to be walked off the plank by dipshit’s and shyster’s as they are quite willing to do so on their own.

Fox Business reports:

Nearly three-quarters of Americans questioned in a new national poll say they’d support a ban on Russian oil to punish Moscow as it continues its deadly invasion of neighboring Ukraine, even if it triggers another steep rise in already high domestic gas prices. (emphasis added)

According to a Quinnipiac University survey released on Monday, 71% backed a Russian oil ban even if it further increased gas prices, with 22% opposed. Eighty-two percent of Democrats, seven in ten independents and two-thirds of Republicans surveyed said they supported a ban.

Evidently the ass-whoopings at the hands of the insane for the past two years aren’t enough, the passive and stoic need more anvils dropped on their heads. Bring it on, boys. Gather as many solid blocks of steel as possible – we have heads queued up for miles.

“Fifty-six percent of those questioned said steps taken so far by the Biden administration to punish Russia for its assault on Ukraine are not tough enough, with 30% saying they’re about right and 3% saying they’re too tough. Those findings are largely unchanged from a Quinnipiac poll released a week ago.”

Aren’t tough enough?  Hmmm, what are their hopes here?


Despite Risk of Nuclear War, Calls Grow for US to Impose a No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine

A no-fly zone would mean direct fighting between the US And Russia, which Biden said Friday would mean World War III – via

Well that explains it.  The majority of Americans have faith in their leaders…yeah?

Joe Tzu: The Art of Losing War – (via


joeTzu 1





Is there a bigger dickhead than Joe Tzu – all signs point to YES!


“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.” ― Albert Camus


Tonight’s musical offering:

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Anyhow” (Live in Studio)


Photo by Stephen Tafra on Unsplash

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  1. People are already saying they can’t afford to drive and will have to figure something out by summers end if things don’t change or get worse. Living in the country, like I do, can be a bit of a challenge, it just means no unnecessary driving. Needs come before wants, and it’s time to really tighten the belt straps even more.

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