Uber Assclowns

With resiliency and dedication to their cause of continuing to be major a-holes whenever they open their pie holes, the lawn jockey and mole have again managed to sliver out of their outhouses for a bit of projectile vomiting for the unwashed to admire.

Fauci says there are 5 stages of the Covid Pandemic – and we are still in phase 1 – via fortune.com

Oh dear!

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top medical adviser to President Biden, said this week that we are still in the first of five stages of the pandemic, and he cautioned against thinking we are further along than we actually are.

The first phase of the pandemic—or the “the truly pandemic,” according to Fauci—is “where the whole world is really very negatively impacted as we are right now,” he said Monday at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda online conference. 

fauci_masksYes, ambulances are rolling up and down the streets, with shouts for people to bring out their dead, at least that’s what this shyster hopes you’ll continue to believe.

But the charlatan did say one thing correctly, ‘the whole world is really very negatively impacted’.  Well, maybe just a little by those wonderful vials of chemical goo to ward off a virus (if it even exists) that has a 99% recovery rate, if infected.

37,927 Deaths and 3,392,632 Injuries Following Covid Shots in European Database as Young People Continue to Die – via healthimpactnews.com

But in the land of uber apathy, if such information was even heard, most would give a shrug of the shoulders and get on with snoozing, burping and farting their way through another day.

And then there is the mole:

On Tuesday, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates issued a warning of potential pandemics far worse than the COVID-19  and called on “governments to contribute billions to tackle future pathogens and increase vaccine supplies,” according to a report from Financial Times.

Gates warned in 2015 that the biggest potential killer the world could ever face was not war but a pandemic.  Gates claimed he felt terrible when only a few listened to him when he warned the world leaders about infectious diseases. via thegatewaypundit.com

‘Potential pandemics’? How would this dickhead know?   Oh, that’s right…he’s eminently qualified to speak of well, everything!


(LifeSiteNews) — Billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates promoted yearly coronavirus injections and praised Australia’s totalitarian COVID response while admitting the current jabs don’t stop transmission during a Twitter Q&A earlier this month.

“The vaccines we have prevent severe disease and death very well but they are missing two key things,” Gates told Professor Devi Sridhar of the University of Edinburgh during a question and answer session January 11 that was closed to public comment.

But these dickheads’ pronunciations and promotions have been spot on all along…yeah?



So much dog shit…so few shovels




Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven: 2nd Symphony ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Andrés Orozco-Estrada


  1. Good article by Dr Sam Bailey, had not seen it, thanks for posting! This should be an interesting debate: VIRUS DEBATE
    Dr. Joseph Mercola has thrown down the gauntlet with a recent post “Yes, SARS-CoV-2 is a Real Virus.” Andrew Kaufman, MD and Tom Cowan, MD will respond to his claims in a webinar this Friday, January 21 at 2 pm. You are all invited to join them on Zoom.
    Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_886UXtOASC2Zv3PmO5Wmnw.

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    1. Mercy! If I’d had my act together, I would have ‘approved’ this a couple of days ago. My apologies…thank you for sending along. I did find an ‘open educational letter’ from Christine Massey to Dr. Mercola from a couple of days ago, Jan. 17. Here’s the link. https://truthcomestolight.com/christine-massey-an-open-letter-to-dr-mercola-in-response-to-his-claim-that-sars-cov-2-has-been-isolated/ – and a link to Christine Massey’s website on this issue..https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/fois-reveal-that-health-science-institutions-around-the-world-have-no-record-of-sars-cov-2-isolation-purification/ Thanks again! Cheers!

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      1. Great thanks! I did listen to the zoom meeting, it wasn’t a debate but a response to Mercola. It was educational, breaking down a couple of the studies that Mercola says prove the isolation. But, I’m still confused, gonna take more research for this pea-brain to get it. So far I’ve heard there’s no isolation (this seems a legit claim to me) but then also virologists who claim that isolation is not required in discovering a virus (what??). All I know for sure is I smell a big bunch of rats, I just don’t yet know how and where to poison them, yet. 😉

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      2. No pea-brain for you! You’re one smart woman in my book! I too smell a big bunch of rats. In my gut, based on nothing else, I can’t quite believe in viruses. But then, this past thanksgiving, my son comes over, just getting over the flu. 3 days later, my wife gets it and gets it pretty bad. 2 days after that I get it, but not as bad as my wife. My 89 year old mother who was also here, with 3 past strokes and all sorts of other things wrong with her, doesn’t get a sniffle. Now, Amanda Vollmer might say that we all experienced the winter detox yet my wife is in much better shape physically than I am, and I’m in better shape than mom – yet she doesn’t experience anything. So, did we all decide, except for mum, to winter detox at the same time. Did all the electromagnetic goo all about build up to the point where our bodies, at the same time, decided to detox? I can get a bit lost when listening to tom cowan and the likes. I don’t know if the question has been put to him but I’d like his take on a situation just like what my family experienced. Or, as is talked about in Dr. Vernon Coleman’s latest video, this all is just another distraction to keep many occupied, and their focus away from the continued carnage of us all. https://vernoncoleman.org/videos/wake-video-uncensored-premiere Now, I’ve also been diagnosed (though blood work) to have Epstein-Barr virus and have had it for years. My wife doesn’t have it, so no transfer of that virus. So, I remain confused by it all. I’ll keep researching, and probably remain confused! 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers!

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      3. I think confusion may be the virus, hehe! I think on these same lines—if it’s about how healthy is one’s immune system then it seems there should be more sick people, since I’ve only to go to town to see loads of clearly unhealthy folks. Is it their joy of Cheetos and bad TV keeping them so virus-free?

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      4. I think you nailed it…confusion is the virus. And I also think you’re onto something…cheetos and bad TV is keeping the virus free! 😉 cheers!


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