Kickin’ it Back Old School…And Then Some

If you’re old enough to remember a time when class, style and taste was something many aspired to, or if you’re not enough to remember but find that desire for such yearning inside of you, then you’ll probably know who this guy is:

Or this guy:

or these two gems:

Class, style, taste – no fakery of any kind, organic tastefulness.

Being a retired, mostly old guy, I really haven’t the need as I did when I was working, to dress with style.  I use to enjoy it when I was working but what’s the need now when one’s outings each week consist in visiting various food markets, the pet food store, and occasionally the hardware store.

But I need shirts, as the ones I’ve been wearing are becoming embarrassingly thread bare.

So, I begin my search for what I’ve bought for the past few years, non-iron shirts, for a retiree’s life is so full of things to do, don’t you know, that taking the time to iron a shirt is simply out of the question.

But some little question entered my pea-sized brain and I wondered, what do the garment makers do to make a shirt, ‘non-iron’?

Batten down the hatches…it’s more modern shitfuckery!

What’s really in those non-iron shirts?

Regular dress shirts are usually made from cotton, polyester, or other natural material blends. Most assume that a special type of cotton or the way it is stitched together is what makes a shirt non iron, but for a long time, nobody really bothered to ask what that secret ingredient might be.

The answer is formaldehyde, or embalming fluid. Non iron shirts are typically bathe in a variety of chemical resins that are known to release formaldehyde, a carcinogen closely associated with cancer, which results in a shirt that is stronger and wrinkle resistant.

It might be argued that only when inhaling formaldehyde fumes cause cellular changes that can cause cancer, studies have shown that skin contact even in small amounts can result in rashes that can itch and burn. – via

Fuck me!

Is there nothing this modern era of disenchantment and poison hasn’t ruined? In a word…no!

Will I start replacing my non iron shirts that saved me precious minutes of ironing for the classic, 100% cotton oxford shirt?  In a word…yes!

Some or even many might wonder – hey, shitposting writer, who gives a shyte?  Why be bothered with the mundane?  For there are other mighty things to worry about…like where in the world can I find a test to see if I have the flu, a cold, the mighty cornholio or the Omni-Con?

Across the country, people are contending with hourslong waits at some testing sites. Some governments are rushing to reopen mass-testing sites that they closed when case counts were lower. Many are struggling to refresh supplies of at-home rapid tests.

“We’re two years into this pandemic and we’re seeing the same challenges we saw in the winter and spring of 2020,” said Thomas Denny, chief operating officer of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. “It’s like the perfect storm again.” – via

Oh dear!

I think I’ll pass on the tests and do more ironing.

Popular Covid Home Test Kit Contains Lethal Drug that is Fatal – via (2 minute video embedded in the article)

More on the compound, sodium azide, can be found here

And remember the dickheads telling us that the loss of taste and smell was a side effect of the cornholio and the cornholio only?

The morons do what to do best and didn’t research a thing.  For back in 1988, yes – 34 years ago, we have this from the Los Angeles Times:

Sense of Smell Can Be Victim of Bout with Flu – via


If you recently suffered from the flu and have not recovered your sense of smell, you aren’t alone, researchers say.

Some patients complain that they are unable to smell things or to taste food after a bout of influenza. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Connecticut first reported the problem and have been looking into it.

It has also come to the attention of researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, where patients who come in for treatment at a center for taste and smell disorders have complained of the malady.

Loss Is Usually Brief

It can happen to people who suffer from flu or upper respiratory infections, said Robert Frank, a University of Cincinnati psychophysicist. It is common for sufferers with colds or the flu to lose their sense of smell–and, as a result, their ability to taste–briefly during the time of the ailment. But, Frank said, some people do not regain their sense of smell for months, or longer.

“These people are seeing us six months after the flu has passed, and they still don’t have their sense of smell,” he said. “We still don’t even know if it’s permanent or not. . . . We don’t know for sure right now, but we think there may be people who permanently lose their sense of smell after this kind of episode.

Wait…wuuut?  The flu can do what the cornholio does?  Hmmm, maybe they’re one and the same.

Naw…the psychofucks wouldn’t institute a campaign of fear over the flu, give it a new name, so that vials of experimental chemical goo can be injected into the innocents’ arms allowing these demons to reap billions in profits, and lay to waste many a life,  right?


But if you yearn for class, style and taste, even for your health, remember that God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who created this wonder, well, they provided the original class, style and taste and in comes in the form of the natural – herbs, vitamins, minerals – the original ‘old school’ – many of which are highlighted in the following fantastic article:

Preventive Medicine for Viral Illnesses – via

And if any of your family, friends or loved ones start or continue to pester you because you’re kicking it old school, and not swallowing the horseshit from the psychofucks, just send them this clip:


Tonight’s musical offering:

(More class, style and taste)

L-O-V-E (Remastered 2004) · Nat King Cole

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash


  1. I’m forced to wear flame retardant (fr) uniforms at work, while no longer wrinkle free, I can (not really) feel the chemicals leaching out into my skin.
    I remember (some 30+ years ago) something about a popular laundry detergent that left chemicals in washed clothes. They tell us it’s not like that any more… yeah right!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As for this part of today’s blogging issue:
    “Some or even many might wonder – hey, shitposting writer, who gives a shyte?  Why be bothered with the mundane?  For there are other mighty things to worry about…like where in the world can I find a test to see if I have the flu, a cold, the mighty cornholio or the Omni-Con?”

    People seem to forget that the world hasn’t stopped just because there is (govern-mental) bullshit in the air.
    Covid (or the like) might be making the front page news (don’t forget where that news comes from) – we need to worry about that back page stuff too.

    Liked by 1 person

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