Now, It’s an ‘Endemic’ – More of Their Bullshit Narratives

All good Scamdemic’s must come to an end, and so it appears this cornholio scamdemic is nearing its’ final breath.

Operation Rampdown: Leaked official Covid ‘exit plan’ to dismantle key measure including self-isolation, mass testing and Test and Trace by early next year – via

Britain’s response to Covid is set to be dramatically scaled back early next year as part of a pandemic ‘exit strategy’ codenamed, Rampdown.

The secret Whitehall plan is detailed in official Government documents leaked to The Mail on Sunday. They describe how much of the Government’s £37 billion emergency programme for dealing with the virus will be dismantled and the country prepared for living with Covid ‘for years to come’. (read more)


It isn’t a pandemic, after all?  There aren’t bodies littering the streets?


It was just a scam to induce the masses to line up for injections of chemical goo from big pharma shitholes.

Who profits?  Stupid question…certainly not you.

And now it’s an ‘endemic’


Thank God and Mother Earth that we laid to waste countless lives, businesses and industries with a scheme centered around absolute bullshit.

The file reveals how the Government is set to:

  • Axe the legal requirement for those who catch the virus to self-isolate for ten days;
  • End free Covid tests and instead allow private companies to charge for lateral flow and PCR tests;
  • Shut down the national ‘Test and Trace’ system, which identifies those who may have been exposed to the virus;
  • Focus the fight against Covid on tackling local outbreaks and protecting ‘highest risk settings’, such as care homes;
  • Scrap £500 payments for those on low incomes who must quarantine.

In the documents, experts say Covid will remain at ‘endemic’ levels for years and that mutant strains of the virus will also ‘remain a very real risk’. But, crucially, the Government’s central planning assumption – described as the ‘leaving soon’ scenario – predicts there will be ‘no winter resurgence’ of the virus.

The revelations come as the number of new Covid cases plunged by more than a quarter in just over three weeks – from 52,009 a day to 38,351 – and more than 12 million people have had their booster vaccines.

The leaked Rampdown plans will be hailed by business owners and families exhausted by Britain’s two-year battle against the virus.

Oh really?

How many business owners and families exhausted by the two-year battle against the cornholio are left standing?

Who in the fuck cares!

The bat guano from the mainstream media is never-ending….shut the fuck up and get the poke of chemcial goo, no matter whether you are a senior citizen, waiting for a visit from the grim reaper, or a young athlete in the crosshairs of these assholes.

Goddamnit, just roll up your sleeves.

Of course, there are no consequences for the young taking these vials of battery acid…right?

Healthy Top Level Athletes Dropping Dead Worldwide from Covid Vaccination

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Suddenly athletes are dropping dead for the first time in history. These are athletes who were assured injection with Covid “vaccine” would protect them. This assurance was an act of mass murder by murderous corrupt scum governments, murderous corrupt scum medical establishments, and murderous corrupt media whores.

The “vaccine” does not protect you. The “vaccine” does: (1) cause death and serious health injury, and (2) destroys your innate immune system, leaving you at the mercy of all viruses and diseases.

You have been lied to by those you foolishly trusted. The “vaccine” is genocide.

Think about the many stages of the ongoing Covid Deception ( ). The use of the PCR test to create large numbers of false Covid cases to convince people there was a pandemic. The assignment of all deaths from comorbidities and even motorcycle accidents as Covid deaths in order to create a false picture of the virus’ lethality. The promise that double-vaxxed meant permanent protection and a return to normal life—remember the video advertisements sponsored by lying governments and lying Big Pharma showing people partying and dancing thanks to being double-vaxed. Now you need endless booster shots every six months to be “protected.” Notice the official silence about the huge numbers of deaths and serious permanent illnesses associated with the vaccine in the adverse effect reporting systems. Notice that ill people are disproportionately the vaccinated. Note the growing scientific evidence that the “vaccine” destroys the innate immune system and the large increase in the number of vaccinated people dying from all sorts of diseases. Note the coerced vaccination of children who are not threatened by the virus but have heart attacks from the vaccine — Note that each booster shot adds more toxic spike protein and other dangerous elements of the vaccine into your body.

None of the evidence stops the drive for universal and continuous “vaccination.”

Huge numbers of scientists and medical experts have spoken out. Here is one of the latest:

Why do governments and medical establishments refuse to listen to experts? Why does the whore media refuse to report the evidence supplied by renowned experts?

After all the lies we have been fed by governments and medical establishments, how can even one of us trust them? Has humanity been reduced to a bunch of dumbshit lemmings marching over the cliff?

As the “vaccine” destroys the innate human immune system and also causes deadly and injurious side-effects, the “vaccine” is far more dangerous than the Covid virus.

At the present time the most plausible explanation of “Death by Covid Vaccine” is the elite are implementing after years of preparation their plan to reduce the human population.

What in the fuck are we continuing to allow?

“All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful.” ― Flannery O’Connor, The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mahler Symphony No. 5 – Adagietto


  1. Follow the money and the power and you find the culprit for why the mass murder campaign is getting away with it so effectively.
    this video is excellent.

    the good doctor shows who holds the patents on this campaign? The gates from hell…yes….the world monetary fund klaus schwab. and good ole Al Gore who is number one on the patent holding. what a surprise.

    Amazon’s Bezo is salivating at the number of people who won’t be here and the planet will become their playground. Him and others of wealth it will be theirs. Everyone else….the few million they ”allow” to live will be in space on floating
    factories. Slaves by another name. They won’t be allowed to come to earth except on vacation controlled. regulated. restricted. They will own nothing and be happy about it!

    All they need to create their utopia is the people to die! Their children to die off. Take the injection…take 2…no…take 3 or 4…or however many it take to overwhelm the body and pop the people off so they can be liquified and turned into fertilizer. Dying so that others with wealth and power can have the planet and turn it into one big PARK for them and them alone.

    Follow the money and you find the criminal. Except now there are tens of thousands of those with bits of wood pulp and computer entries with many digits.

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