If Only We Cared Enough of Ourselves and Brethren, as Much as We Care For Our Beloved Pets

Lollipops and candy canes are falling from the skies. Dickheads have been banished and all is right on terra firma.

The willful ignorants and unwashed have obeyed the edicts, mandates and other bullshit from government assclowns and have now been dutifully rewarded:

Last Monday, November 8th the Saginaw Township (Michigan) Community Schools put out the following news release on their website: – via wbckfm.com

STCS Schools Closed Monday, November 8th

All Saginaw Township Schools will be closed today, Monday, November 8th, due to a staffing shortage.  Staff members will not report.  Child care and after-school programs (including swim school) are cancelled.  The Board of Education meeting will still take place.  A large number of our staff had a negative reaction to the COVID booster shot given at a voluntary clinic over the weekend, resulting in absences today.  There is a substitute teacher/staff shortage throughout the state, further complicating the availability to cover those absences.”


The miracle jab isn’t working as the demons told us it would?

Yes, boys and girls and all others…the ‘rewards’ from these shysters’ chemical goo is now being realized.

Quiet lamentations among the unwashed can be heard.

New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about – via Steve Kirsch – stevekirsch.substack.com

This shitposting writer often wonders, if we viewed ourselves and our loved ones, as we do our beloved cats and doggies, would we allow such fuckery upon ourselves?  No chance!

Experimental vials of chemical goo injected into them.  Masks over their mouths and noses. No chance!

 And yet….we’ve allowed ourselves and our loved ones to be nothing more than lab rats to the corporate and government psychofucks’ experimentation, upon us and those whom we love.

What the data tells us


Here are a few quick observations from the complete data set (see next section for downloading):

  1. Female reproductive issues top the list. These are strongly elevated by these vaccines. Many of the top symptoms are all related to the menstrual process.
  2. There are an enormous number of cardiovascular and neurological events that are strongly elevated, many of them serious.
  3. Fibrin D dimer increased is #53 on the list, elevated by a factor of over 400x above baseline. Charles Hoffe discovered D-dimer was elevated in over 60% of the patients he measured. This is very serious as D-dimer is a lagging indicator of blood clots.
  4. Troponin increased was #130, elevated by a factor of 205. Troponin indicates heart damage and it is elevated to extreme levels (10X heart attack levels or more) and can stay elevated for months at a time (with a heart attack, the levels start returning back to normal immediately after the incident)
  5. Death as a symptom (which is pretty unusual coding since it isn’t a symptom), is #433 and elevated by 96X. Hardly a “safe” vaccine.
  6. Brain herniation at #405 is elevated by a factor of 100X over baseline. However, this is not considered a big deal at the CDC (perhaps because many people there don’t use their brain).
  7. Cardiac arrest at #450 is elevated by 93X. This is when your heart stops. This is a relatively serious condition since you don’t last for too long after that. It’s a bit surprising that the CDC missed that one. Perhaps because they don’t have a heart?
  8. Pulmonary embolism #24 is elevated by 954 times normal. How the CDC can miss that one is simply astonishing! This was the cause of death of 2 of the 14 kids that the CDC looked at in their death analysis. Mainstream press will never ask them that question as to why the CDC would not find causality here. They wrote: “CDC reviewed 14 reports of death after vaccination. Among the decedents, four were aged 12-15 years and 10 were aged 16-17 years. All death reports were reviewed by CDC physicians; impressions regarding cause of death were pulmonary embolism (two), …” 954 times normal is hard to explain, isn’t it? So no causality? That’s hard to explain, so they didn’t. They just moved on as if there is nothing to see.
  9. Intracranial haemorrhage (their spelling) is at #604 and is elevated by 79X. Two of the 14 kids from the CDC analysis died from that. How could that not be causal? They never explained that.
  10. Tinnitus at #362 is elevated by 105X. This can be so bad that people can kill themselves from this alone. One of the people who work at Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) had to talk a friend out of suicide.
  11. There are many many more issues to be concerned with, but I wanted to get the list out quickly so there can be more eyes on this.
  12. For months, I’ve offered to discuss our data and analyses to both the FDA and CDC outside committees as well as the CDC and FDA themselves, but nobody wanted to see it. Most hit delete on my emails. A few told me to wait for the public comment period and submit it then (which I’ve done). Nobody followed up.

And Jesus wept!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4 – Dima Slobodeniouk – Sinfónica de Galicia – (final moments)



  1. Surprised that school board not only admitted the adverse effects; they even put it in writing!
    My nightmare experience with Covid last winter was complicated by recurrent pulmonary emboli. I’m blessed to still be here & enjoy dogs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly…amazing they even put in writing. I’m very sorry of your horrible experience last winter…and happy you are still here to enjoy the doggies! Cheers!


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