The Unfathomable is Upon Us – Yet, There Are Ways to Prepare


Each evening, as this shitposting writer settles in to review and comment on the latest insanity, I think, it can’t get any worse…yeah?

And just like waves of non-stop diarrhea, the shyte just keeps coming from these fucking demons:

NYC kids ages 5-11 eligible for $100 bonus to get Covid vaccine: ‘It buys a whole lot of candy’ – via

With vaccine incentives like these, who needs allowance?

Children between the ages of 5 and 11 are eligible to receive $100 to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in New York City, Mayor de Blasio announced Thursday.

The kids will need to have their parent or guardian’s consent to get vaccinated, and de Blasio cautioned that the shot can hurt a little.

But once it’s over, $100 in sweet dough awaits them, de Blasio said in his daily briefing from City Hall.

“It buys a whole lot of candy,” he smirked.

It’s to the point where atheists are pleading with a god they don’t believe in, to end this vaudeville shit, once and for all.

In our heart of hearts we know we are listening to pond scum. We know we are following edicts, mandates and orders from the deranged, from assholes in Gehenna, from non-humans frothing up their putrid phlegm.

The Apocalypse? What does that word mean? According to, it means “revelation, disclosure, uncover, reveal.”

We are witness to the great ‘reveal’. We are uncovering layers of demonic plans to lay our lives to waste. The reveal is that these fuckers, whether they be human or not, care not of you, of your loved ones, and especially not of your children. 

Microbiologist: Why I Won’t Get Second Covid Shot – and Why Enlisting Kids in ‘Clinical Trial’ is ‘Unfathomable’ –  via

The ‘unfathomable’ is upon us.

Is there hope…YES!   It’s what rests in our hearts when we have a moment to ourselves.  It’s in our minds as we lay our heads upon a pillow for sleep. It’s right there before us as we watch media shysters promoting government and corporate fuckery, as the visceral reaction in our guts shouts – fuck off!

Where to begin?

Consider the following: (and bookmark it – in the not so distant future, you might be glad you did)

The Self-Reliance Manifesto: More Than 350 Resources to Guide You on the Path to Radical Freedom – via

Editor’s Note: When I first published this collection in 2016, these were important skills to have. Now they aren’t just important – they’re essential.

Over the years, we’ve added at least 100 links and removed links of websites that (sadly) went out of business.  I’ve tried to add links that apply to people regardless of whether they live in a big city high-rise, suburbia, or a few acres in the country. With this update, I hope everyone can find inspiration for at least a few things they can do to become more self-reliant. ~ DL

Have you happened to notice that our society is out of balance?

The consumers outnumber the producers at such a rapid clip that we can’t possibly continue like this. But who has time to produce when they are indebted and working overtime to finance their current lifestyles in the hopes that they will finally be able to buy “enough” to be happy, fulfilled, and loved?

We live in a society made up mostly of rabid consumers. As soon as the advertising pros on Madison Avenue point them in a given direction, people flock to it like the zombies on The Walking Dead lurch toward a fresh human, completely oblivious to everything else. They yearn for these things that are produced across the world and then delivered at a cheap price. People fill up on cheap food that has been government subsidized, making it unrealistically inexpensive. They are enslaved as they work to pay for it, or in some cases, accept a handout to pay for it. More people are deeply in debt than ever, living a fancy First World Lifestyle that would crumble with one missed paycheck

They are slaves and they don’t even know it

They don’t care that the newest clothing and gadgets were produced in sweatshops across the world. People don’t care that some items are produced by slave labor. People don’t care about the processed offerings at the grocery store. Or the pesticide-laden produce raised by corporations instead of farmers, or even the feedlots that are the scenes of the worst animal abuse in the country, completely free from prosecution. They don’t care that subsidized corporate agriculture puts real farmers out of business while it destroys our health and our environment.

They just care about their illusions of prosperity and that the products are cheap and make them feel good for a moment. And “illusion” is the perfect word for it because we live in a society where many people consume but very few people produce. A society like that could not stand on its own if isolated from the rest of the world or if the corporate food companies and manufacturing plants shut down. The majority of the country has become completely dependent on things that are produced in factories.

Simple math tells us that this system can’t last forever. We can’t all be consumers if there are no producers.

These days, self-reliance is actually a revolutionary act

That quality is the difference between someone who merely accepts what is doled out to meet the needs of their family and someone with the power to fulfill those needs themselves.

Regardless of where you live, whether it is at the top of the highest high-rise, in the suburbs, in the desert, or on a few acres in the lush countryside, you can still be more self-sufficient. You can learn to meet your own needs by acquiring the skills to produce. Every single thing that you can produce on your own is a personal declaration of your own independence, whether it is food, clothing, shelter, or something else to meet the needs of your family. In today’s society, freedom like that is a radical thing, completely against the grain, and it’s much more gratifying than anything you could ever purchase.

This list is full of insurrections, both small and large. No matter who you are or where you live, you can pick something from the list and learn to do it. That brings you one step closer to the real freedom of self-sufficiency. If you live in an urban environment or one not conducive to 30 chickens and a flock of goats, you can learn to preserve food in delicious ways. Or, learn to make your own clothing, or cook from scratch. You can grow some veggies or herbs in your windowsill or go on a foraging hike nearby.

You can do something

As a free human being you deserve better than to simply line up at the store and exchange dollars you spent many hours earning for rations of processed, food-like substances and electronic gadgets. There is absolutely nothing like the feeling that comes from creating and producing. You deserve to feel that.

This is a collection of more than 350 resources to inspire you and teach you to be more self-reliant. You’ll see that there are numerous articles on some topics, and that is because they are all written from a different perspective. Some bloggers and authors live in the ‘burbs, some live in big cities, and some live off-grid in the boondocks, but they all have lessons to teach you.  I hope that you will discover some new experts and mentors along the way.

So, no excuses. I’m not an expert. I wasn’t brought up in an agrarian lifestyle. I’m learning, just like you are, and after a lot of trial and error, I’m just now starting to put meat on the table that I raised myself.  I’m a former city girl, a single mom, and a newbie at a lot of this stuff, and if I can become more self-reliant, so can you!  Every day, I learn something new that puts me one step closer to the personal liberty I crave. I have personally read the work of every single author and blogger on this list, and I am positive that every person who reads this post can find something to learn that will put them on the path toward real freedom.

Getting Started

General Homesteading Information


Ducks, Geese, Quail, and Turkeys








Soil Building and Composting



Hunting and Fishing

Old-Fashioned Skills

Off-Grid Living

Scratch Cooking

Off-Grid Kitchen

Food Preservation


Passing on Self-Reliance Lessons to Kids

Create. Produce. Rebel.

The biggest insurrection in our society is to be self-sufficient.  Make the way you live your life a revolutionary act by producing some of the things that you need.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Do you remember the time before this government and corporate imposed madness?

‘September’ – Leonid & Friends (Earth, Wind & Fire cover)





  1. Stupidity is a form of evil I am coming to find out. Those injected are as rabid as an animal when it comes to ‘forcing’ people to join them in their collective hive mind. They insist everyone else join them in their choice of suicide method. The lethal injection. They joined the hive mind long ago and do everything they are told like lemmings. Anyone outside of that box is a threat to them and their way of life and should be eliminated. threatened, or beaten according to their ‘code of moral ethics’.

    they claim the ‘unvaccinated’ are a threat to them and yet they are injected and spreading whatever it is that is growing or incubating inside them. Who is the real threat? Covid doesn’t exist. Never has. It has never been identified outside the diseased minds of a creature in human clothing with a name that reminds me of ‘Faust’ and his deal with his devil. Yet millions, perhaps BILLIONS of idiots have taken the jab and did so willingly. Now they line up their children to be sacrificed at the same alter they allowed themselves to be injected on.

    That truly is a form of Evil. To me, even greater then a Hitler, a Jim jones, A stalin or any other tyrant that has existed could not compare to that level of ignorance and evil. These people are willingly giving over their most precious possession to be killed, maimed or worse! How is that not evil?? no one is making them do it either. just as no one made them line up to be injected with a gene altering chemical soup. They do it willingly and then they have the
    belief in their tiny minds that others must be ‘forced’ to join them! They truly are soul-less evil people! blind in their belief.

    Brother has truly betrayed brother to his death! It isn’t going to end well. not for anyone. They have created hell on earth! They did it willingly. It was the stupid people who cheered it and drove it. Them and their masks full of bacteria, spit, fungus. Their injections and their idiotic fears of the unknown….Evil by another name. Soulless empty shells that used to be considered ‘human beings’. They can no longer claim that title. They truly are getting exactly what they deserve. A slow and painful death. The sooner they injected die out the better the world will be. Their brand of evil will disappear and hopefully never come again to this world!


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