Another Fresh Piece of Hell

It’s a witch’s brew of vomit, and a fresh piece of Hell.  What could it be?  Easy answer. The deranged dickhead in the oval orifice opening his pie hole…again.

Biden: ‘Vaccination Requirements Should Not Be Another Issue That Divides Us’ – via

( – As the president’s vaccine mandates divide the nation, Biden says they shouldn’t. He said his get-vaccinated-or-get-fired plan is working. And he urged more businesses and parents to “step up.”


Oh, okay.  Your mandates are turning the country inside out and just because you say they shouldn’t – well, there it is – warm jello to the gums.

Step up for more poisons for you….and if this shithead has his way….for your children.

Folks, we’re listening to a deranged psychofuck, full stop. He soils himself a few times during the day, his staff cleans him up, and in between the shittings, he stumbles upon a microphone and shits the country and world with his bullshit.

But the poison this demon is promoting, is working out well…yeah?

27,247 Deaths, 2,563,768 Injuries Following Covid Shots in European Database – Taiwan Records More Deaths from Vaccine than Virus – via

And since the pharmaceutical fucks won’t disclose all the ingredients in their vials of antifreeze, that are so safe and effective, there are brave souls disclosing the real stuff:

Microscopic high-tech metallic objects visible in Covid jabs, blood analyst claims – via

Dr. Zandre Botha also found extreme red blood cell damage in all post-COVID jab patients she examined.

I just attended an exceptional three-day online summit, The Caribbean Health Summit 2021. It was very well attended, and many of the world’s top experts on COVID made excellent presentations. We hope the entire video library of the Caribbean Health Summit will be ready soon, as there is much for us to share.

One presentation was that of Dr. Zandre Botha. She has examined the blood of many people under microscope after they fall victim to the coerced misinformed COVID biotech injections being criminally sold as “COVID Vaccines,” which we know they are not.

Dr. Botha’s microscopic findings are horrifying!

First, she consistently observes extreme red blood cell damage in all injection victims. She notes stacked rouleaux formation. This we described in June. Stacked rouleaux are an extreme form of damage to red blood cells, whereby they stick together, can no longer effectively carry oxygen, and plug up small blood vessels, contributing to deadly blood clots.

Second, Dr. Botha received a secure sample of one of the COVID injections. Microscopic examination of this revealed the inorganic electro-tech elements in these bioweapon injections. We understand that Big Bad Pharma’s back-up excuse for secret ingredients in the cocktails being injected into innocent people, is that their “product contains intellectual property that they have a right to protect.” Recall the “mystery ingredient” we were looking for back in Dr. Trozzi’s June 2021 extensive article entitled: COVID “Vaccines”; How Dangerous Are They?

Video from Dr. Botha embedded in the article

Or…screw that.  We have an ‘opinion’ – and our fucking ‘opinion’ cancels truth and facts

“Outtayerdaminde” by Five Times August (2021) Lyric & Music Video

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”
― Flannery O’Connor


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Allman Brothers Band – ‘In Memory of Elizabeth Reed’ ( At Fillmore East, 1971)


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