Their gods are Full of Shit

Their gods are full of shit and thus require those who follow the holy grail of the Trump clot shot, that any and all must, simply must, be injected with not one, not two, but many, many more experimental vials of chemical goo injected into their bodies to ward off a ‘virus’ that has a 99% recovery rate, if even infected.

Wife vs. husband, child vs. parent, relative vs. relative and friend vs. friend – the gods of fuckery are most pleased. Those who can’t fathom any sort of a natural immunity system, given to all freely upon birth, have been seduced into believing that big pharma bat guano, injected into their arms, will save them from a concoction of bullshit these shysters have invented

But, uh oh….the truth has a nasty way of outing itself:

Local Detroit TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from Covid – Gets over 180K Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead Instead – via

The corporate media narrative that unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals and dying from COVID is quickly falling apart, perhaps faster than they even expected.

WXYZ TV Channel 7 in Detroit asked their viewers on their Facebook Page last Friday to direct message them if they lost a loved one due to COVID-19 if they refused to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

This is a clear indication that they are getting desperate to find these stories, and are having a difficult time finding them.

I don’t know if they got any such stories through direct messaging, but the post on their Facebook Page, as of the time of publication today, had received over 182,000 comments, and they seem to be all comments of those who have lost loved ones after receiving a COVID shot, and comments asking them why they are not covering that story.

I paged through many dozens of the comments, and did not see a single one stating that they lost someone to COVID after refusing a COVID-19 shot. – (read more)

But as your mind rummages for a way to continue to believe in their horseshit…players in the NBA have found the way:

NBA players union wins vaccine mandate exemption – via


Aren’t we in a pandemic?  How can exemptions be handed out when hospitals are filled with dying Covid patients, most certainly of the unpoked?

Most Covid patients at Isareli hospital (are) fully vaccinated? What does this mean for Australia? via

It means you are completely fucked by believing in whatever vaudeville nonsense these demons offer up each and every day.

Or fuck it…believe in their insanity and lock your stinkin’ arses in your homes…for the rest of your days.

The gods will come for you in the end…and it probably won’t be pleasant.


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Traveling Wilburys – ‘End Of The Line’ 

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