As We Wonder Where God, Mother Earth, or the Committee of Dolphins are…the months of Their Scamdemic

As we continue to wonder where God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who created this wonder of a planet are, as their very creation is being turned in a shit show by demons and psychofucks, inquiring minds are constipated with stupidity, listening to and mesmerized with the never-ending bullshit from shysters.

These fuckers have a plan, and whether you care to acknowledge it or not…it’s there:

(Natural News) Last Friday, the Governor of Tennessee signed an executive order authorizing the National Guard to medically kidnap unvaccinated people at gunpoint and forcibly take them to covid “involuntary internment” camps across the state.

Now, new details have emerged about a similar plan initially launched by the CDC in 2020, which calls for nationwide covid concentration camps to be operated at the “camp / sector level” which will be populated by individuals designated “high-risk” who are forcibly ripped from their families and homes to be imprisoned by the CDC.

This document, entitled, “Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings,” explains that the CDC will meet “minimum humanitarian standards” by providing, for example, soap and basic cleaning supplies so that covid camp prisoners can clean their own prison cells.

Among other horrors, this CDC document openly calls for separating couples and families, then admits this action will cause extreme psychological trauma among Americans who are targeted and ripped from their homes to be placed in covid concentration camps:

[I]n addition to the risk of stigmatization and feeling of isolation, this shielding approach may have an important psychological impact and may lead to significant emotional distress, exacerbate existing mental illness or contribute to anxiety, depression, helplessness, grief, substance abuse, or thoughts of suicide among those who are separated or have been left behind.

These CDC covid camps, the document explains, will be strictly-enforced prison camps called “green zones,” and the CDC explains that, “No movement into or outside the green zone” will be tolerated. It’s not clear how the CDC plans to enforce this, but it seems rather obvious that this will involve armed guards and physical security measures such as chain-link fences or razor wire.

The CDC considers unvaccinated people to be “high-risk,” which means Americans may be targeted for medical kidnapping and covid camp imprisonment merely for refusing to take deadly, experimental vaccines.

Remember, back in the year 2020, it was decreed by government arseholes that one’s immune system was shit, and what was needed to ward off the mighty cornholio was vials of chemical goo injected into the arms of the unwashed?

Sure you do…you’ve lived through their nightmare for the last 18 months.

If you think the scamdemic is over, bend over and get ready.

CDC’s Own Stats Show 1,270 Premature Fetal Deaths Following Covid Shots but Recommend Pregnant Women Get Covid Injections – via


Biden Official Says New Study is ‘Wake Up Call’ After Pfizer’s Efficacy Plummets to 42% as Delta Variant Takes Hold – via


‘You fucked up…you trusted us’

And the delta variant…come on, man!

Board Certified Occupational Therapist Whistleblower: More Patients are Dying from the Vaccine than from Covid – via

“I’ve seen 32 elderly people pass away immediately after taking the Moderna vaccine.”

Abrien Aguirre is a board certified occupational therapist who recently went public with his knowledge of working in 3 COVID units in Hawaii, two of them “isolation units.” He states that he works in the largest skilled nursing facility in Oahu, working with the geriatric population.

He was interviewed by a group known as “Hawaii Free Speech News.”

His testimony was recorded at a recent outdoor protest held at the Hawaii State Capitol in Honolulu.

He starts out his testimony by saying that the media is misrepresenting what is happening with hospitalized COVID patients. He states:

The people moved to the COVID unit, didn’t have COVID. They tested positive with the PCR test, but most of them were asymptomatic and only suffering from their pre-existing conditions.

He explains how people with terminal illnesses were put on the COVID death lists, which he says is “complete fraud.”

They rolled out the Moderna mRNA experimental injections at his facility, and he says:

I’ve seen 32 elderly people pass away immediately after taking the Moderna vaccine. None of that is being talked about on the News. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

I’ve seen more people pass away from the vaccine, than I have in COVID units. (read more)

Will you hear of any of this from mainstream media liars…not a chance.

But take heart…if you believe in these jive artists, nirvana is a breath away. An oasis of horseshit, where you and your kin are subjected to and beholden to the eternal of shitfuckery from these demons.

“To believe in God is impossible, not to believe in Him is absurd. ”― Voltaire


Tonight’s musical offering:

JImi Hendrix – “The Wind Cries Mary”

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