Throttling Down Whatever Ghostly Life Remains in you – The Months of their Scamdemic

Oh no! The vaudeville act of the shysters continues to be displayed in full view of everyone – yet the unwashed hide in their cocoon of willful ignorance, convinced that these psychofucks are looking out for them:

Fully Vaccinated Wedding and 6 Covid Cases: What Happened? – via

The wedding was supposed to be COVID-free and “safe.” It was outdoors. All 92 persons in attendance were required to be vaccinated. Yet, when the event was over, six people ended up with the coronavirus.

Two persons were hospitalized; one of them died. So what happened? Why did the vaccine apparently fail to protect these people from getting sick — and dying? According to the Houston Chronicle, it’s possible that the vaccine those two received wasn’t as “robust” as the ones the other four took.

The two in question flew in from India and had received Covaxin shots — a vaccine not approved in the U.S. The other four had taken Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. That those four didn’t get sick enough to be hospitalized is a testament to the efficacy of the vaccines being given in the U.S., molecular biologist Pei-yong Shi told the Chronicle.

Rather than discussing the issue that the four still came down with COVID, Shi focused on the fact that they didn’t get sick enough to go to the hospital or die. “The vaccine didn’t absolutely prevent you from getting infected,” Shi said. “But one of the major benefits is that it keeps you from getting really sick.”

SOURCE: Houston Chronicle July 9, 2021

Cool and normal in these end-times, upside-down lunacy.

“The vaccine didn’t absolutely prevent you from getting infected,” Shi said. “But one of the major benefits is that it keeps you from getting really sick.”

Wuuuuuuuuut?  You’re fucking kidding us…right?

That’s not what the unwashed were told some 15 or so months ago, telling the willful ignorants that their vials of chemical goo would be all that was needed to escape the ravages of the mighty cornholio.

Evidently, the psychofucks, fucked up, and even more twisted, people trusted them.

But not to worry, as the Italian donkey has weighed in with his donkey droppings to assure the useless eaters to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain – all will be right if you just continue to believe in his dainty bullshit:

Party of Science: Anthony Fauci Says Vaccines Lacking Full FDA Approval Merely a ‘Technical Issue‘ – via

While Fauci said it is “understandable” that some may want the FDA’s full approval before getting the shot, he dismissed it as nothing more than a ” technical issue.”

“It’s the FDA dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s,” he said during an appearance on ABC’s This Week. “But there’s no doubt in my mind that these vaccines are going to get full approval because of the extraordinary amount of positive data.”

Yeah…here’s the positive data:

VAERS data released today (July 9th) by the CDC showed a total of 438,441 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 9,048 deaths and 41,015 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 2, 2021. via –

Maybe let that one sink in a bit…over 9,000 of your fellow homo sapiens have been killed by these shysters’ vials of chemical shitfuckery.  No, it wasn’t you, or your loved ones…this time.


Survey: Majority of Physicians Decline Covid Shots – via

Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60% said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID, according to a press release from PR Newswire.

This contradicts an American Medical Association claim — based on 300 respondents — that 96% of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. Neither survey is representative of all U.S. physicians, but the AAPS survey shows that support among doctors for the COVID injection campaign is far from unanimous.

The AAPS survey also showed that more than half of physician respondents were aware of patients suffering a “significant adverse reaction.” Of the unvaccinated physicians, 80% said “I believe risk of shots exceeds risk of disease,” and 30% said, “I already had COVID.”

“It is wrong to call a person who declines a shot an ‘anti-vaxxer,’ ” AAPS executive director Dr. Jane Orient said. “Virtually no physicians are ‘anti-antibiotics’ or ‘anti-surgery,’ whereas all are opposed to treatments that they think are unnecessary, more likely to harm than to benefit an individual patient, or inadequately tested.”

She went on to say that causality is not proven. “However,” she said, “many of these episodes might have resulted in a huge product liability or malpractice award if they had occurred after a new drug, but purveyors of these COVID products are protected against lawsuits.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire June 16, 2021

Oh well…what’s on Netflix tonight?

“So perhaps the best resource is to meet everything passively, to make yourself an inert mass, to stare at others with the eyes of an animal, to feel no compunction, with your own hand to throttle down whatever ghostly life remains in you.” ― Franz Kafka, The Complete Stories


Tonight’s musical offering:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 20, Romance

Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

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