anesthetized – The Year and a Half of their scamdemic

In tonight’s episode of ‘we love being screwed’, the willful injected are on a sort of holiday, not a holiday of freedom, but one of enslavement and misery, and maybe even death, not yet realized.

Injections of chemical goo that haven’t gone through any long-term studies are the rage.

Get poked…for whatever reasons the shysters shout.

It’s all good. Breathe a sigh of relief – for you are now protected against a ‘virus’ that if infected, you have a 99% chance of recovery. And the injection of goo doesn’t even protect you from the dreaded cornholio, but will only lessen the symptoms, if even infected.

But fuck that….get the injection anyway. Think of the profits of Big Pharma. Billions into the pockets of the demons.  It’s the way…right?

In this completely insane world, we no longer give a shit about our neighbors, our family, ourselves. We swallow the propaganda from government and media dickheads without question. And we think we’re doing the right thing for all, and if not, well…we will surely be compensated of the suffering of ourselves and loved ones brought upon us by these psychofuck’s…right?

Think again:

Injured by a Covid Vaccine? Want Financial Compesation? Too Bad, Says Injury Compensation Law Firm – via

A prominent vaccine injury law firm says it can’t help people injured by COVID vaccines because COVID vaccines are not covered under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, forcing many to raise funds for their injuries online. (read more)

Come on, shitposting writer, who is actually suffering from these pokes of antifreeze?

Glad you asked:

Americans Will Celebrate ‘Independence Day’ as CDC Reveals Almost 7000 DEAD and Half a Million Injured Following Covid Injections – via  (read more)

They’ve anesthetized so many with their bullshit propaganda that few could give a fuck about the annihilation of their brethren, whether they be friends or family.

These shysters’ 24/7 fear porn of a virus, then promoting the clutching of pearls while waiting breathlessly for a cure – provided by these criminals’ labs – disregarding and negating the immune system we were given at birth, along with natural remedies that mother earth provides – Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph…how fucking dumb have we become to believe in such insanity.

Evidently, dumb beyond belief, and more sadly, allowing an apathy that astounds even the demons of Gehenna to seep and embed itself deep into every fiber of our being, is the way.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.” ― Elie Wiesel


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 – Mvt. 3 – Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra


  1. Insurance companies won’t cover illness and hospitalization because the jab is experimental and never approved. Oh the paid liars rubber stamped it but it was fast tracked via emergency that doesn’t exist. So insurance companies are denying claims for injury and for life insurance! no life insurance is paid out for being a lab rat!

    all responsibility is on the recipient and none on the maker of the chemical goo and the people giving it. Everyone is exempt from liability except the person who just received it. It is a death sentence. Everyone involved know it. A kill switch that can be activated by phones, by satellite and by cell phone towers. Those who take it are ticking time bombs and they fly airplanes….85% of pilots have taken the jab. Sucks to be you when he has a stroke while flying. His co pilot might be able to take over and then again he might have had his jab at the same time. It seems to be a timed release shut off switch! It is in fact, a new operating system for the body so the human body can be linked to the internet of things. After all, people are just things now! objects. pieces of meat that is ground up into the newly formed lab grown meat. fed back to other people.

    315 million doses have been given out in the usa. 1 in 2 or 50% have taken both their jabs. the others that took the first and not the 2nd are dead or dying. That is my bet! The mainstream paid liars won’t tell anyone of course and neither will the health organizations or doctors. The Vaers shows only less then 1% of the victims but if you read it carefully you will see that a large percentage died in the first shots! So when the lame stream media tries to say 15 million people haven’t taken their 2nd jab that is mostly likely because they are no longer ABLE TO TAKE IT….dead, dying, sick or maimed. The true numbers we the peasants of the world will never know for sure. Those driving it are not going to tell the truth about it. ever!

    I had a relative that got so sick after the first jab she sat in a chair for 2 months. only left it long enough to bath, take care of business in the bathroom and eat a little. Fatigue such that she could barely move. pain the joints like something is eating away at the bone she said. Headache like a jackhammer in the skull. Sadly she wouldn’t be warned off the injections. Bought the lie and the price was her life! She died…never had her 2nd after all like the family thought. The first kill shot was enough.

    The price for the jab is your life…quite literally. Those who take it are dead already. There is no cure. no way to shut off what was done. The program running in the body after injection doesn’t stop and may not stop after the body is dead. The machines parts. The nano particles carry out their program even after there is nothing left alive i am sure. It is a death sentence. Fear is the little death. The mind killer. Fear is what drove people to accept a lethal injection. An injection that shuts off the natural immune system and replaces it with a GMO immune system that tears apart the cells and replaces them with nano particles. Tears apart the organs. Embeds itself in every organ and cell in the body. until nothing is left of the original DNA. It is replaced and replicated to be something else.

    Those people who supposedly quit working and all the open jobs should show people exactly what is taking place. it isn’t just laziness and unwillingness to work. It is more likely the people can no longer work. Too sick. Can no longer move and are staying home. living out the last few days left to them. millions and millions. if you read through the lines in the news it is there to see! Look around in your town. Do people look like zombies? many do with or without a mask. many move as if their sore. joints stiff. some are coughing blood. some are coughing something that sounds horrible like nothing i have ever heard before. Their a walking corpse. It isn’t COVID. that was the program. The operating system that was injected into people. it has always been about stampeding the human herd to their deaths. Stamped them into the fed lots where they get their injections. Scare them into not taking it. But the shot itself is the final dance!

    And yet….very few see it. when 1/2 the world has taken a lethal injection willingly you know there is no great awakening. no one is waking up. The ones who haven’t taken it won’t take it no matter what. those who are gullible and easily deceived…nothing will wake them up to the dangers. They are not capable of thinking for themselves. not a bit. Group think is what they worship. They do what their master tells them to do. What the herd tells them to do. never questioning. Always obeying.

    The bullshit new variant. It is part of their plan. never ending until no one is left who will obey them. easier to declare war on a remnant and mop them up. harder to do with millions of drones in between. hard to watch…people you know and worked with now injected and you can’t go near them. whatever they shed jumps to the next person. hence the reason a person not injected is now magnetic.

    The never ending virus that doesn’t exist. The extermination of the human race!

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  2. one more little thought…little right?? not from me!!

    think about this for a minute. 1 in 2 people in you see are injected. They are slotted for death. There is no cure. no treatment that will stop this operating system from rewriting the cells of the body of the person injected. nothing. They will not survive. period. So watch those people get behind the wheel of a moving rocket…a car..truck. semi tractor trailer rig and ask yourself when that person might stroke out? might have their heart burst. Inflammation of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys. brain bleeding. swelling. These are just some of the many ‘benefits’ of the injection taken.

    So the drivers in cars are time bombs. Truck drivers, crane operators, ship operators, pilots, power plant operators, you name it. Think of a job and think to yourself. 50% are dead. They are dead from the first injection to the last. The first injection already rewrites the rna, dna of the body. Its process accelerates with the addition of more material from the 2nd injection.

    The people who operate heavy machinery. Time bombs. What will happen to the machine when the operator dies or sickens? what happens to the vehicle traveling at 75 miles per hour or more after the driver passes out? What happens to the plane? with you on board?

    These people can pass out or die in an instant and will. There is no doubt about it. no survival is possible with the injections. Everyone who took it should get their affairs in order. write their will and wait. They won’t live another year. corporations know it. They are planning on machines to replace their workers in the next 2 years. They know now that they won’t have anyone to assemble things. But then again when most people are dead what use is there for all the garbage being manufactured now? no one to buy it or use it. So I think their plan is not to replace their workers with machines. They plan to not need their business anymore. The CEOs know it.

    For those who are not yet injected. Think about those who are. Will you trust them with your life?

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