The deranged – the Jive of Their On-going Bullshit

The fields are being the burned, the children enslaved and hoards of the ill-dressed continue to roll out of bed and stroll through grocery stores, staring at things. It’s great times.

But thank the gods we have government dickheads looking out for us, ensuring those great times continue, no matter what country you may find yourself imprisoned in:

France to Become First Country to Mandate Covid Injections for Ages 24-59 to stop ‘4th wave’? – via

Let’s see…we’re losing count.  We’re on the 4th wave, right?  Then there’s the variants – the Delta, Delta + and Lambda variant. Next they’ll be the dandelion variant, the popsicle variant and toe jam variant. Not enough – don’t worry, these assclowns have so much shitfuckery in store for the unwashed and believers, that come this Autumn, this Summer’s relaxation of their bullshit rules and mandates, will be looked back upon as a joyous stroll through nirvana. is reporting:

The French Senate is considering implementing obligatory vaccinations for those aged 24-59 to help the country weather the anticipated next spike of coronavirus infections in what would be a fourth wave of cases.

The body published a report from its Common Mission of Information on Thursday, advocating for mandatory vaccinations of young to middle-aged adults on the grounds it could significantly lower hospitalization rates and deaths. The report issued a stern warning: “act now to limit impact”.

The report follows Prime Minister Jean Castex’s announcement on Wednesday that he will consult elected officials and chairmen of parliament on the compulsory vaccination of caregivers, with senators pushing for this to also include 24-59 year olds.

“the anticipated next spike of coronovirus infections…”

But even if there is too much push-back to implement mandatory injection laws, there are other measures available to basically make those who resist the bioweapon shots outcasts in society, like preventing them from traveling and receiving other medical services.

The government is also considering introducing other measures aimed at increasing inoculation levels, such as sending doctors lists of unvaccinated people in order to encourage them to get the jabs. France is also considering scrapping free ‘convenience’ Covid tests for unvaccinated people who wish to travel. (Full article.)

But don’t get too lathered up about this, we have scientists on the case:

Could editing the genomes of bats prevent future coronavirus pandemics? Two scientists think it’s worth a try – via

Amid the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, two researchers are proposing a drastic way to stop future pandemics: using a technology called a gene drive to rewrite the DNA of bats to prevent them from becoming infected with coronaviruses.

The scientists aim to block spillover events, in which viruses jump from infected bats to humans — one suspected source of the coronavirus that causes Covid. Spillover events are thought to have sparked other coronavirus outbreaks as well, including SARS-1 in the early 2000s and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph…we believe this shyte?

“A man is an angel that has gone deranged.” ― Philip K. Dick


Tonight’s musical offering:

Dmitri Shostakovich – Waltz No. 2

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