Their Shitf**kery never Ends

Shitfuckery of the masses never takes a holiday.

Every opportunity to ream a toxic sludge of sheep shit into the masses’ arseholes is pounced upon by morons, dickeheads, pencil necks, butter sticks, dopes, and imbeciles – all of whom happen to be employed by the government in whatever fucking country you live in.

“Next Level Dystopian Sh*t”: Amazon Rolls Out Portable Panic Booth for Warehouse Employees To Collect Themselves – via

After years of reports of Amazon warehouse employees being forced to urinate in bottles, forego medical care, and work through injuries – causing hundreds to launch petitions and revoltthe online retail giant has come up with a solution

…a special sensory deprivation booth that allows stressed out employees to collect themselves before heading back out to the floor.

Known simply as the “ZenBooth,” the new apparatus, according to a video released by the company on Wednesday, is an “interactive kiosk where you can navigate through a library of mental health and mindful practices to recharge that internal battery.” –daily dot

The “ZenBooth” is part of Amazon’s WorkingWell program, which allows employees to “recharge and reenergize” with a series of “physical and mental activities, wellness exercises, and healthy eating support.”

The panic booth features a small fan, some plants, and a library of meditation videos. Hopefully it features a toilet too.

(Did we mention most COVID-19 transmission occurs via aerosolized particles hanging in the air, particularly in poorly ventilated spaces?)

As the daily dot notes, the announcement received lots of pushback from Twitter users.

why not just improve working conditions?” said one user.

“Or you could pay your employees well, not treat them like garbage, and accept unionization,” added another.

When did God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who created this wonder, turned cess-pool by these fuckers abandoned it all?

Who knows.

What to do now?  

Don’t give way to their fear porn.  Protect you and your loved ones.


Glad you asked.

5 Holistic Doctors Discuss What They are Doing to Protect Themselves from the Bioweapon Shots and Transmission – via (video embedded in the link if you might give a fuck of the health of you, and then again, not just you…but those whom you purport to love.)


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Beatles – Abbey Road Medley “Restored” Version


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