The Duo of Dunces We Continue to Listen to

The freak show of humans listening to, and more incredulously, believing in demons, elf’s, dopes, morons and cement heads’ litany of bullshit astounds the gods. 

The gods thought, and wrongly assumed, that their creations were of sound stock, able to withstand homo sapien shitfuckery, employ the common sense they were given upon birth, and call out BS for what it is.

But the gods now weep, watching humans believing in the absolute filth of humanity.

Dr. Fauci warns parents about children playing together without masks – via

Most 80-year-olds are dribbling over the the food fed to them at prison establishments for seniors, termed assisted living facilities.  How do I know this…my dear Mum of 89 years old is incarcerated in one of them where only outside visits are allowed for the past year.

“Dr.” Fauci…this deranged shyster, is the highest paid government employee, and instead of spooning up tapioca pudding each night before being tucked into bed, is rattling off utter nonsense to keep the unwashed clutching their pearls.

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday warned that vaccinated parents still need to worry about their children becoming infected while playing with other kids.

“The children can clearly wind up getting infected,” Fauci told CBS anchor Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” when asked about the risk of kids playing in groups.

The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said while adults inoculated against COVID-19 don’t always have to wear masks around each other, children — who are not yet eligible for the jab — should wear them around each other.



CDC: 0.04% of Covid-19 Deaths Are In Children 17 and under – via

Fuck the facts…these medical tyrants have an agenda that you must believe, that they’ll profit from.

And it’s not just this guano from a 80-year-old asshole that you should believe…no, boys and girls, this deranged old white fart has another white fart for you to listen to:

Creepy Bill Gates Says He Knows When the World’s Coronavirus Crisis Will Be Over – Not This Year – via

Bill Gates has predicted that the world will be “completely back to normal” from the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of 2022.

The Microsoft founder said the health crisis has been an “incredible tragedy,” but one bright spot has been the arrival of vaccines


CDC: 2,050 DEAD Following Covid ‘Vaccines’ as 300+ Deaths Added This Week – 16 Deaths from New J&J Shot Producing “Covid Symptoms” – via

Let’s once again check in on this fuckers’ credentials:


Yet all is right with the world, as long as we continue to believe in the toxic sludge of illness, fuckery and death these demons advance.

And we won’t stand against it all, for we quietly and secretly stand for the toxicity of our lives, and those of our brethren, whom we purport to love.

All is completely fucked up….sadly, most are happy it is so.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart: Serenade No 10 for Winds ‘Gran Partita’, III. Adagio | LSO Wind Ensemble

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