The Universal f**k Show

As we all know, God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this shin-dig, screwed up in an uber universal sense when they forgot to attach masks of oxygen depravation to our faces; an interior buzz system to alert you that you were within 6 feet of another homo sapien; and needles falling from the skies, filled with shyte akin to battery acid or antifreeze to ward off viruses that dickheads in government and big pharma tell us to be very afraid of.

The immune system we have been gifted with upon birth is bullshit, lackluster, flawed… and it probably would have been better had the creators never given it to us in the first place.

For behold, even though humankind has made it to this wretched point in time through thousands of years of constant shitfuckery from turds wearing white lab coats or finely tailored garb, this present ‘enlightened’ period we find ourselves so fucking fortunate to be living in, brings us demons not from this world, not from Gehenna, but from sort of jammed-up, universal fuck-show that even the gods can’t recognize.

(Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph – what kind of word salad introduction was that?)

Anyway….remember a year ago when we were told that lockdown was needed for 15 days to quiet the mysterious cornholio?  Then it was an extended period of time of lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’? Then it was face diapers, social distancing, schools closed, businesses shuttered, jobs lost, lives ruined and suicide rates sky high – and then finally – the shysters presented their brew of nirvana…it was the miraculous jab, that once poked, ‘normal’ would return and you would be ‘allowed’ to see your dying parent in an assisted living facility?

Well, to hell with any miraculous benefits of the jab of battery acid professed by these shysters heretofore – it appears you’ll need more than one poke in the arm of their antifreeze to live life:

Veteran, families may need to get Covid vaccine boosters later this year – via


Veterans Affairs officials still have millions of coronavirus vaccine doses they hope to deliver in coming months, but they’re already looking ahead to the possibility of booster shots for vaccinated veterans this fall.

That’s because VA medical experts — along with other health professionals worldwide — are planning for the next potential wave of pandemic problems, as COVID-19 variants emerge and researchers develop a better understanding of how effective current vaccines can be against them.

“Right now, it appears that we’ll be able to publish in the next few weeks the evidence that between seven and nine months we can feel comfortable that [vaccinated] individuals are still protected,” acting VA Under Secretary for Health Richard Stone told reporters at a department press conference Friday.

“The next question you ask is if this is an endemic disease — which hundreds of researchers and public health leaders believe, and I am one of those — how do we reduce mortality and hospitalization because of it? Clearly, it’s going to be the ability to deliver more immunizations.”

Oh dear…

Wait!  Weren’t we told, just a few weeks ago, that all that was needed to have normal orgasms once again was the one jab?

Well, if you believed that one, then you’ll believe that one, two, ten or an endless amount of jabs are needed to keep you coming back for more jabs.

See, it’s a win-win…for Pharma’s pockets, and the fuckery of your health.

Just look at how well this is all going:

CDC: 2,050 DEAD Following Covid ‘Vaccines’ as 300+ Deaths Added This Week – 16 Deaths from New J&J Shot Producing “Covid Symptoms” – via

Remember the shysters pleas just a year ago – if lockdowns saved just one life from the cornholio, then it was worth it.

2,050 dead so far from these monsters’ brew, and you won’t hear a word of the deaths from this toxic bed pan of chemical fuckery from these corporate monsters, nor any sort of demand to end the poisons in the arms, and the brutally insane lockdowns.

Nothing to see here, please move along.

The lolcow’s, willful ignorant and totally insane follow the farts from these arseholes.

But one wonders, when we inhale our last breath of life on this shithole, what will be the preferred eternal scent of those who went along with, who just followed orders, who abandoned all rational and common sense thought, and said to themselves…’fuck it, I’m down with whatever bullshit they offer’.

How will that pan out in the eternal?


Tonight’s musical offering:

U2 – ‘In a Little While’

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