Attention Walmart Shoppers…and Jesus Wept

There’s nothing that allows a deep sleep to happen each night like an anvil to the head – and thank the gods of deceit, bullshit and shitfuckery that enough anvils are falling from the skies upon the unwashed so that the requisite blows to the head from government, media and even private citizen dickheads, charlatans, and shysters are achieved for mass belief in their microwaved bullshit:

(Natural News)  – Walmart will offer a digital vaccine passport to customers who receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the retail giant’s vaccination sites.

The company has teamed up with digital immunity passport providers CLEAR and the Commons Project Foundation (TCP) to allow customers to prove they have been vaccinated when such proof is required for them to travel, return to work or school and enter entertainment venues.

The retailer has received federal vaccine shipments as part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. Since February, it has been administering the coronavirus jab across 22 states through both its Walmart and Sam’s Club outlets.

Holy Mother of baby Jesus, we’re now entrusting our health to the dopes at Walmart.

We’re not completely sure here at the Asylum, but this ‘news’ just might indicate that all is lost, and God, Mother Earth or the Committee of Dolphins who started this shindig, abandoned it long ago, and are now laughing their heavenly arses off that we believe in the complete and utter stupidity of the times.

We all know, that the miraculous immune system we were each gifted upon birth is defective. Just listen to any corporate, government or moronic relative, friend or social media commentator who tells you so.

That’s right, boys and girls, God fucked up and forgot to include muzzles over our mouths, a healthy yet insane abhorrence to human touch, and a belief that vials of chemical shitfuckery created by demons will provide a nirvana-type space for a few months of protection from the mighty, illusive, mysterious and bullshit cornholio.

But for those of you who are in love with your own personal tank…just think of the glories in the next world that will be heaped upon you (in your delusion), for admonishing your loved ones to take the jab, to be injected with an experimental medical procedure, and to be the lab rat of these fuckers. May your rewards in Gehenna be choice.

My body… my choice, right?

Fuck that! 

From this point it must be…your body, their choice…yeah?“

Up until, and only when you stand for yourself and say to these demons… fuck off…then maybe you will stand a chance, most probably NOT in this world, but surely in the next.

You decide…maybe for the next world. And the heavens help you if you are wrong.

All the animals, the plants, the minerals, even other kinds of men, are being broken and reassembled every day, to preserve an elite few, who are the loudest to theorize on freedom, but the least free of all.” ― Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow


Tonight’s musical offering:

Grateful Dead – “Not Fade Away / Goin’ down the Road Feeling Bad”




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