2021 Bullshit – The Months of Their Scamdemic

Passports use to bring salivating traveling images to mind. Far off wonderlands never before visited, trips to visit relatives in other countries, vacation destinations to make the toes curl.

Those were days of yesteryear, as psychopath’s are now in full control and a life outside the walls of your crib is but a lullaby you sung to yourself late at night to find a few hours of sleep before the next days’ madness ensued.

2020 was jack shit.  2021, so far, is showing us that this will be the year when Jack kept looking for the ‘mundane’ shit from 2020, because 2021 is insanity on steroids.

‘Papers, Please’:  Vaccine Passports Are Officially in Development – Dr. MercolaGuest
Waking Times

For a weary public longing to get back to normalcy, vaccine passports represent a tantalizing carrot, being dangled as a mechanism for freedom. By showing proof that you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine, perhaps you can once again board an airplane and travel freely, attend a concert or enjoy a meal in your favorite restaurant, just like you used to.

Except, being required to present your “papers” in order to live your life isn’t actually freedom at all — it’s discrimination, and even a move toward technocratic fascism, one that’s setting the stage for increased surveillance and erosion of your privacy.

Nonetheless, this blatant move toward an ever-increasing surveillance state is being welcomed by many who have been led to believe the passports are necessary to protect public health and safety.

Around the world, vaccine passports are rapidly being rolled out, including in Denmark, which will begin issuing them in February 2021. Sweden. Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Malta have also expressed positivity toward vaccine passports to revive tourism, while in the U.S., plans for vaccine IDs are under evaluation.3 International efforts are also underway.

The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum created the Common Trust Network, which developed the CommonPass app that’s intended to act as a health passport in the near future.(read more)

Indeed, we must get the jab of battery acid in order to protect ourselves from a virus that has a 99% recovery rate. 2021 bullshit!

But, what would have been said before, say, in the days of Sinatra, where assholes were recognized for what they are…now, we have assholes not being recognized as assholes, but as fucking ‘experts’, dictating what poisons we have to take in order to live.

It’s ‘unearthly’ shitfuckery the unwashed are dicking up to:

Digital Vaccine Passport Under Consideration in the US – via NBCbayarea.com

A passport proves your identity. A digital one could confirm that you’ve gotten a COVID-19 vaccine and, in some cases, that you’re negative for the virus.

The digital vaccine passport idea is one the United States and other countries are considering, but cybersecurity experts and doctors say there are some big red flags.

“Just by having a vaccination, depending on the vaccine you have, doesn’t mean you have immunity to COVID,” UCSF infectious disease expert Dr. Peter Chin-Hong said. “There’s regular COVID, which we know the data from, and also there are variants circling around.”

Last month, the World Health Organization released a statement with a similar message, saying, “At the present time, do not introduce requirements of proof of vaccination or immunity for international travel as a condition of entry as there are still critical unknowns regarding the efficacy of vaccination in reducing transmission and limited availability of vaccines.”

It’s all like some sort of bad episode of ‘Star Trek’, ‘Dragnet’,’ Starsky & Hutch’, where ‘living freely’ is considered the vomit of the day, and the alternative is that we listen to, and obey the instructions from these demons that will end our lives.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Where Do The Children Play? – Cat Stevens


  1. in most people’s minds…jumping through hoops like a trained monkey is ‘normal’. Locking in their homes, social distancing, gloves, masks, hand washing, gene therapy jabs(these are not vaccines…they alter you at the cellular level), and now passports are what is needed for ‘normalacy’ to return….except that isn’t normal…NONE OF IT IS NORMAL! it is INSANE! the inmates are running the asylum…and the head nut job is everyone’s guru or personal god! They will do whatever mr. nutjob says to do….stand on one leg and cluck like a chicken!! yeah!! that will chase away the sniffles!!

    being forced to do anything these crazies in power tell you to do isn’t normal. continuing to do it over and over and over for years to come…for the rest of existence if those creatures from the black lagoon have their way. Their desire is people cringing in the dirt…begging for alms while they the ruling class continue on NORMAL! Normal doesn’t apply to the slave class…..it only applies to the ruling class…these mandates don’t apply to the rulers! They enjoy their life without you in it! such as during the lockdown where only the slaves were locked down….those in power continued on keeping on. it is all a conjob!

    The ultimate goal is as bill gates says…”if we do a really good job with vaccines we can reduce the population of the world by 20-30% ” …yet he is a man people listen to?…a man who seeks to depopulate the world. isn’t that a nice clean word? Depopulate? it used to be called Genocide…murder…culling the herd…call it ”depopulate” and it sounds like people are moved from one place to another…or one where people are walking and one where they are kicked into a ditch.

    The new normal that is being programmed into people is hell on earth! period…provided a person isn’t one of the 30% to be killed off right away.

    Normal would be life BEFORE the con job that is covid…These quacks even sell people on the fact that the ”flu” disappeared….yeah…that happened when you changed the name!! yet they con people and say your mask and gloves saved the world from the flu!! BULLSHIT!! oh man…truckloads of it….grab a spoon and folks and eat up!! they say it is a banquet…I say it is dump truck load of BULLSHIT!! can’t say it enough…a con job…brain washing…and people still won’t see it and won’t believe…such is their deceived minds….they have been deceived, blinded by lies and refusal to see the truth.

    True normal is going on with your life without the need for face diapers, hand condoms, and any other thing the wack jobs dreamed up in their diseased minds. That won’t happen in the rest of my lifetime I am sure. You can’t bring back the lost jobs….tens of millions of them…all the small businesses…all the small farms….you can’t restore to normalacy minds that have been broken by those who believe in a lie. The children who are being tortured by their parents and by their society. The elderly who are being systematically murdered by lethal injection…They won’t be back to ”normal”.
    The teenagers who committed suicide rather then face another day of their insane world where they can’t get together with friends or someone they love. can’t touch, can only talk on a box. you can’t bring them back to NORMAL.

    NORMAL….isn’t coming back….period…the damage done to the mind, to the soul, to lives of each person that has been damaged by this insane con job is permanent! That is the fact and what was done to the world isn’t NORMAL…what they had before the con job is lost forever! power once given is never returned!! and the losses are blocked by the media from being noticed or talked about. the censors who stop people from talking to each other. that too is part of the damage done!! permanent damage!

    How many more will fall to the con of the return to a normal that no longer exists and never will come again. what they are selling people is a NEW NORMAL…..of enslavement…torture….proving your innocent instead of them proving your guilt. lay down for it….lay down your life…oh that’s right….people already did!! Was it worth it? Was it worth the sacrifice of your soul ? Was it? Was it worth the destruction of your lifes? really? I would rather die of a virus (that doesn’t exist) then to live in the hell these creatures…these LEGIONS FROM HELL have created and replaced life with! What the created isn’t life….it is a living hell.

    Thanks for putting up with my rant Decker!!

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