Waltz To Oblivion – the Months of Their Scamdemic

As ample opportunities to laugh at failure abound, not just every week, but every day and every hour of the day, provided by giant minds of mush and day-old scrambled eggs, who, no longer masquerading as assholes, instead, coming out straight away to proclaim they are perfectly at one with their daily anus droppings, we have this shit from these demons:

Warmington: Man in forced detention in a Canada Covid hotel – via torontosun.com

You will have to forgive Steve Duesing for not believing there are no COVID-19 internment centres in Canada.

“I’m in one,” the 34-year-old Scarborough man told the Toronto Sun on Tuesday.

Not by choice.

“I was told when I arrived (at Pearson International Airport) Sunday night from Charlotte that it was either three days quarantine or go to jail.”

So he was escorted on a shuttle bus from Pearson to the nearby Radisson Hotel on Dixon Rd. But this is no normal hotel stay.

“I am not allowed to leave the room,” he said. “There is a guard at the end of the hall.”

So, he must remain in a ninth-floor hotel room while waiting for the results of a COVID test he was forced to take. (read more)

Oh dear!   Forced colonoscopies, whether via mouth or ass. Such devoted care.

And all because the mighty cornholio…well, one hasn’t a clue where it can pop up, that even the all supreme and mighty mensa, Sherlock Holmes, could discern.

The gods are now laughing at us, along with their lineage of human filth who carry out their insanity upon the innocents.

Folks…isn’t this some type of bad game show where if you continue to believe in this fuckery from the these clowns, assholes and deviants, you will be assured and gifted with a vial of battery acid that, at best, offers a limited immunization for three months?

And then…accepting these demons offerings…who knows what awaits you when that final breath is taken…that is, after you’ve been laid to waste from their chemical fuckery.

CDC Withholding Information – 1,170 Dead Following Covid Injections: Almost Twice as Many Deaths as Found in VAERS – via healthimpactnews.com


Tonight’s musical offering”:

Batman Soundtrack –  ‘Waltz To The Death’

(Original Motion Picture Score Composed by Danny Elfman)


  1. With all due respect, Decker, for I’ve been following your dispatches for yrs, however, re: “I’m a Clinical Lab Scientist…”
    under your “Waltz to oblivion…:”

    ▪your hyperlink to Global Research doesn’t work;
    ▪After discovering there appears to exist (somewhere) a Derek (not Derick) Knauss, I could find little to nothing through engine searching, except through a questionable (at best) site “Prepare for Change;”
    ▪Searched via Global Research’s “search” and although a few links to that name came up, not one worked, at least for me.

    Would you mind elaborating on who this Derek Knauss is, and what his actual credentials are?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lou…thanks for the note. Well, I’m surprised (or maybe I shouldn’t be) but the lengthy article I linked to originally, is now gone, as you noted, from global research. I removed that link from the post. And thank you for stopping by, letting me know and for reading the posts through the years…much appreciated. Cheers!


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