Glorious Music Amidst the Months of their scamdemic

It was the worst of times, and inexplicably, even more wretched of times.

A deluge of dopes, cement heads, shysters, jive artists, psychopath’s and butter sticks of humanity came up with the notion, in it’s simplest terms, that someone had died and made them God.

The gods of mayhem, destruction and crushing human souls and spirit, were celebrating the eradication of critical thinking among the unwashed, with cookies, handed out by psychopath’s to the National Guard, after being instructed to get thee to a parking garage after their duties were completed, protecting these demons from the shit the psychopath’s said would happen, but didn’t – well, all that is right and proper.

Jill Biden Delivers Cookies to National Guard Troops Following Capitol Controversy – via

First lady Jill Biden delivered a batch of cookies to members of the National Guard in Washington, DC, on Friday following the series of events Thursday evening that saw troops instructed to leave the U.S. Capitol and wait in a parking garage following a mask-related complaint from a Democrat congressman, although the lawmaker appeared to deny that the relocation of the members originated from his grievance.

“I just wanted to come today to say thank you to all of you for keeping me and my family safe. And I know that you’ve left your home states. The Bidens are a National Guard family,” Biden said, mentioning their late-son Beau Biden, who served in the Delaware Army National Guard.

“So I’m a National Guard mom,” she continued, extending a thank you from her husband, President Biden, and the “entire Biden family.”

Yes, cookies will sustain grown men and women setting up a crib in a parking garage in the middle of Winter.

Jesus, Mary and Holy St. Joseph…what the unwashed believe from these dickheads.

But wait, it’s bonus dickheadery tonight:

Don’t talk on the subway, say French doctors, to limit Covid-19 spread – by Reuters – via

PARIS, Jan 23 (Reuters) – Passengers on public transport systems should avoid talking to one another or on the phone in order to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus, the French National Academy of Medecine said.

“The mandatory wearing of masks on public transport, where social distancing is not possible, should be accompanied by one very simple precaution: avoid talking and making phone calls,” the academy said in a statement.

Academy member Patrick Berche said on BFM TV on Saturday that if there were only three people in a subway car there was no problem, but if you were only two centimetres away from the next person it made sense not to converse or talk on the phone.

This shitposting writer is growing weary of writing almost every night, of how we are being fucked by these demons, with hardly a care from the unwashed.

California healthcare workers suffer severe allergic reactions following coronivirus vaccination – via Natural News)

Six healthcare workers suffered allergic reactions after getting a shot of Moderna coronavirus vaccine in San Diego, California. Their symptoms were considered severe and required medical attention. (read more)

Still, we soldier on, with most of our hope residing in music, as strange as it might seem. For if you get the message of glorious music, then you get almost all else.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven – Symphony No. 2 -West–Eastern Divan Orchestra Daniel Barenboim, conductor Royal Albert Hall, 20 July 2012



  1. I am stooping by for a short visit. I fell ten days ago, and I have really messed up my already bad left knee and ankle. I have been told it could take another three or four weeks for this to heal properly, so I don’t know when I will be back on line full time. I have been basically bed ridden for ten days. I hate it!

    I am going batty, not being able to post, and I feel like I have deserted all of you!

    I am going to try to get on line at least one time a day, or every other day. But I don’t know if this will work? Take care, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the note DB. I had a feeling that something was wrong with you missing posting for days in a row. Was happy to see you posted today, although I’m betting it isn’t easy. Thinking of you and hoping for all the best.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, Decker! It is still painful! I am going to try to post one full article today, and that probably be it, until Wednesday.

        I am better, but because of my age, this is taking a long time to heal!

        Thanks again!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Music, dance and comedy, our most reliable crutches, thank you for your daily contributions in this domain! Here’s one we just heard on Richie Allen, in case you haven’t heard it yet, so funny—

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