Their continued Fakery and F**kery

Oh, bejesus! 

As the world wide waste of humanity continues to listen and obey the demons of the era, the collective soul of humankind is evidently ready and willing to sacrifice their health and livelihood for the kick in the crotch or the brick to the head from the dandies, dressed in fine fabric shitf**kery, promoting whatever insanity their nicely tailored fashion’s attire allows them to shit from their anuses each day:

We’ve now had some deaths announced in the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial, but don’t worry, CNN says that we shouldn’t be ‘alarmed’ if people die after the vaccine because they were probably going to die anyway. And four trial participants for the same vaccine developed a facial paralysis called Bell’s palsy, but the FDA denies it was caused by the shot. It seems that any negative effects of vaccination need to be dismissed out of hand, because vaccines are 100% safe, have no possible side effects and are the only thing standing between us all and horrible painful deaths.

In fact, the Serum Institute of India has gone so far as to sue one of their vaccine trial participants for defamation after he had the audacity to claim the vaccine gave him serious side effects. What nerve! Hopefully being sued for $13.5 million will put him in his place and let everyone else know that suffering side effects from the Covid vaccine is summarily forbidden.

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It’s almost impossible to believe for the everyday innocent soul, trying to etch out an existence for themselves and their loved ones, that nefarious activities activated by government shitheads seeks to end their existence.


Read, and weep…and then refuse to obey:


Healthcare Workers in the U.S. Suffer Serious Reactions from Illegal Pfizer Experimental Vaccine – Others Fake Vaccination on TV – via

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The first illegal Pfizer experimental vaccines were rolled out this week. I have seen no evidence so far of the military being involved in their distribution, as has been planned under Operation Warp Speed.

This is probably because the first Pfizer vaccines were reported to have been administered this week in medical institutions, where they can control the narrative and where the military is not needed.

Healthcare workers and people in nursing homes or assisted living centers were reportedly the first ones to receive the vaccine this week.

But reports of two healthcare workers suffering adverse reactions in Alaska did make its way into the media yesterday. One of them went into anaphylactic shock, something the FDA has warned about. The Epoch Times reports:

Two health care workers in Alaska suffered reactions, one of which was serious, after receiving the newly approved COVID-19 vaccine.

One Bartlett Regional Hospital worker, a middle-aged woman, had adverse reactions about 10 minutes after receiving the vaccine, the hospital said Wednesday.

The woman received the vaccine on Tuesday. Soon after, she started showing signs of an anaphylactic reaction, with “increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, and skin rash and redness,” the hospital said in a statement.

The woman was given epinephrine, a medication that can treat allergic reactions, and Benadryl, admitted to the hospital, and put on an intravenous epinephrine drip.

Officials said the woman, who was not identified, had no history of allergies or adverse reactions to vaccines.

Lindy Jones, the director of the hospital’s emergency department, said that the reaction was serious but not life threatening.

The second affected worker showed symptoms of eye puffiness, light-headedness, and scratchy throat after receiving the vaccine. He was given epinephrine, Pepcid, and Benadryl. He “felt completely back to normal within an hour” and was released from the hospital.

Both incidents were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database.

“Our goal is to be transparent with Alaskans and the public,” Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink said in a statement. “We have no plans to change our vaccine schedule, dosing, or regimen.”

The hospital has administered 144 doses of the vaccine. (Source.)

Many hospitals filmed some of their staff being injected with the illegal Pfizer experimental COVID vaccine, to try and reassure the public.

However, some observers noticed that in some of these cases, it appeared they were not really being injected, suggesting it was being staged.

One local media affiliate in El Paso, Texas, even gave some air time to one of the recorded fake injections:  (read more)

What can be added by this shitposting writer. Nothing. We are being played.


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  1. “However, some observers noticed that in some of these cases, it appeared they were not really being injected, suggesting it was being staged.”

    ***History repeats… again and again
    You’d think – with as often as they ‘stage’ these things – they’d get it done without us knowing. hahaha – – nope

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  2. I work from home. just saying. so i don’t get to go out much. I live in the backwoods and don’t see many people. my spouse does the shopping so i rarely ever go to ‘town’. I had to go to town a few days ago and was shocked and sickened by the people I saw.

    I know people cling to these masks as if their life depended on it but their eyes and mannerism is what sickened me. They are no longer people. They are not human anymore. They look like monsters. Twisted, warped, insane asylum rejects. I begin to describe it. The feeling I got from them. The intense fear or madness that leaks from their Aura. Or perhaps it is their mood I sense. Whatever it is, It made me almost vomit. I was literally sick to my stomach and couldn’t wait to get out of the town! It is a small town but still a town full of those who have joined the WuFlu Cult. Pod people…no longer human! nothing human about them. nothing left. They scurry away from me like rats in a cage. Terrified of me. the maskless!

    The store I had to pick something up at told me to wear a mask and said NO! i WILL NOT SELF SUFFOCATE MYSELF FOR YOU OR ANYONE ELSE. I am here to pick up my part but if you won’t sell it to me because I won’t wear your mask of shame I will go somewhere else. The person at the store dropped the so called requirement and hurried off to get my part. The mask of shame no longer required. Two other people in the store watched warily like I was a predator and they were my prey! They made me sick….Their lack of courage. Their fear. Whatever they are or whoever they once were has been beaten out of them! No resistance. no shame. no humanity in those eyes.none!

    I did my business and I got my part without having to wear a mask. All it takes is a firm and polite NO!

    These people will take their vaccine Decker. They lost their souls, their spirit sucked out of them by the iphone perhaps, or by years of obedience to any decree with no spirit of liberty left in them. There is no spirit left them. quite literally they are empty shells. They do what they are told no matter the consequences. and they will believe the media when it says their sickness after the vaccine just means they had a pre existing condition. the vaccine could not POSSIBLY have been the cause of it. oh no!! never! The vaccine causes no injury according to the repeaters in the media. These empty shells will believe it!! completey with no other thought in their empty heads.

    The people in the media, the medical establishment giving these injections and their mouth pieces in the media should be ashamed of themselves and should be brought up on charges of pre-meditated murder. pre-meditated maiming of people because that is what they are doing. murdering and maiming people deliberately and with full knowledge of what they are doing! Same with the vaccine makers, the politicians. all are guilty of the same crime! Crimes against the whole world. It is everywhere in every country. This darkness. This madness. The sons and daughters of darkness run free and commit any crime they wish to without fear of guilt of punishment.

    I am with you on your sentence. we are being played! Well, I am not. your not. but the rest of the world…yes. played for fools. and they did so voluntarily. they should have said NO. at the beginning and told their rulers and masters to go pound sand but instead they cowered in their closets and donned the mask of shame! stood away from each other and joined the cult that is covid. it shows openly on their faces now. This will not end well. But it will be the end for the species that is ‘human’. They will change into GMOs willingly giving up their body, soul, spirit and their DNA , to those who claim any kind of authority over them! no longer human, they become something else. They truly do deserve their fate!

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