Side bets – the months of their scamdemic


When God, Mother Earth or the Committee of Dolphins who created this wonder placed their sides bets on how long it would take before homo sapiens would annihilate it all and themselves, they never bet it would come down to self-quarantines, masks of oxygen depravation, social distancing from other creations or listening to demons and dickheads, working in corporate and government outhouses.

Sadly, the gods forgot they made one supreme mistake, that being, giving homo sapiens free will.

And now, in the present day house of pain and sadness, the unwashed have decided to click off all critical thinking endowed to them upon their birth, opting in to believe in whatever shitf**kery the outhouse dwellers dream up each day.

Americans panic over FALSE coronavirus test results – supermarkets start limiting toilet paper, again – via

Oh dear!

Yes, the lolcow’s continue to be preoccupied with the dilemma of how they will wipe their arses after their very lives have been reduced to nothing more than a donut hole.

Could it be worse? Of course!  You’re living among the insane:

Doctors Warn Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccine “Won’t Be A Walk In The Park” – via

Fevers, sweats, migraines and muscle aches that last for days – these are just some of the symptoms reported by various ‘Phase 3’ trial participants who volunteered for the vaccine trials run by Pfizer, Moderna and others. Though AstraZeneca noted in its preliminary results that its vaccine (which uses the more traditional adenovirus vector) seemed to produce side effects that are less severe than some of its competitors.

As scientists try to ensure the US reaches a 70%+ vaccination rate (the cut-off point at which herd immunity is believed to kick in) a group of doctors just warned that public health officials and drugmakers need to be “transparent” with patients about the potential side effects of vaccination, and ensure precautions are taken to ensure patients don’t skip their follow-up visit.

This is a top concern for Dr. Sandra Fryhofer of the American Medical Association, who warned that the side effects might deter many of her patients from receiving the follow-up shot. Dr. Fryhofer expressed her concerns during a virtual meeting on Monday with the CDC and representatives from various vaccine makers

“We really need to make patients aware that this is not going to be a walk in the park,” Fryhofer said during a virtual meeting with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, or ACIP, an outside group of medical experts that advise the CDC. She is also a liaison to the committee. “They are going to know they had a vaccine. They are probably not going to feel wonderful. But they’ve got to come back for that second dose.”

Read the above and THINK:  It’s just not the initial injection of battery acid that is needed, no, it’s the second dose, and tomorrow it will be the third and fourth doses needed to ward off whatever bullshit these fuckers tell us we must be poisoned with in order to allow ‘normal life’ to resume again…with the same oxygen depravation masks, the same social distancing bullshit, the same torrents of insanity we’ve continued to follow after we’ve received how many pokes in the arm?

It’s a festivus miracle!

All will be well if we continue to believe the rotted filth from these demons, right?“

The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.” ― Hannah Arendt, The Life of the Mind


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Caroling, Caroling” – Nat King Cole

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  1. That is EXACTLY how I understand the vaccine to work: once you’ve gone along with the first poke then there is NO REASON for the vax makers to end it there, quite the opposite. Follow the money and for the two-bit government types, follow the power. Imagine if you will being a nobody government employee suddenly being handed the power to determine life for a city, a county, a state. Imagine being handed a blue print with which to force the majority into compliance to YOUR way of dictating this blue print. Imagine finding yourself with the power to direct police or even military forces to enforce your edicts. Heil Hitler!

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