losing our pants – our soul sacrifice – the months of their scamdemcic

The path to eternal humiliation begins on this prison planet, far removed from the pearly gates. 

Throughout the centuries before us, learned and wise humans passing along the same trails we now walk down, have attempted to warn present and future generations of what can happen when the wreckage from psychopath’s is hailed as glorious orgasms that none ever really experience.

Tragically, the unwashed and lolcow’s have chosen to believe in the butt droppings from the psychopath’s and cement heads, to the point where they’ll lose their pants over a hamburger:

Colorado Man Loses Pants in Fight Outside In-N-Out Burger – via breitbart.com

A fight broke out between customers outside an In-N-Out Burger restaurant in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday, with one patron ending up pantless.

In an update Friday afternoon, the Aurora Police Department tweeted that it was difficult to estimate how long the line was, but “What we know is the line wrapped around the mall twice, and there were some nearby hwy backups”:

Waiting 14 hours for a burger? Fun fact?

How fucked are we!

Meanwhile, we have destruction of our lives at the hands of demons.

Small businesses shuttered, with millions losing their livelihood.

Sadly, only quiet lamentations among the masses can be heard as the government cement heads propagandize that we’re all going to die from a virus that has a 99% survivability rate – unless we listen to these dickheads.

And the following is the result of listening and ‘obeying’ these demons shitf**kery:

Food Bank lines build before Thanksgiving as more Americans go hungry – Many families are encountering food insecurity for the first time Foxnews.com

Long lines from at food banks across country ahead of Thanksgiving – via theHill.com

The proof that the game is over is when there is a 14 hour wait for a fucking burger, while no fucks are given to our hungry brethren who have lost their livelihoods from these shysters mandates and orders (not laws), and have no means to regain their lives.

Evidently, we’re preparing for our personal soul sacrifice.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Santana – “Soul Sacrifice” (Live at The Woodstock Music & Art Fair, August 16, 1969)


  1. i don’t understand how a line would be that long for a fast food hamburger? is that the only fast food place left open in colorado that serves burgers? how can people wait that long for a burger when they could go to mcdonalds or go home and make one at home….this makes no sense to me? are people that lost now they rely entirely on fast food?

    the mask has done its job. removed 1/2 of the brain cells. created permanent brain damage if people are that stuck on 1 fast food place for a burger. they can’t think for themselves enough to make one at home? or another fast food place like sonic, mcdonalds, burger king?

    in new mexico they have shut down the grocery stores completely because of the ”cases…the cases” and employees that test and found to have the dread non existant virus. so they shut down the stores….what does that do to the fresh stuff? the meats, veggies, ect…will be rotten by the time they reopen. perfect way to create famine if people have to rely on the stores for their daily food. they better have something stored up. i guarantee they don’t. most young people don’t know how to cook and eat out daily. now they can’t eat out? that will get festive!


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    1. It is amazing, isn’t it. This is what I thought, too. I won’t stand in line for a five star restaurant, not alone a hamburger joint.

      “perfect way to create famine” I think this is part of “the great reset” agenda!

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      1. i agree completely!! the great reset…the ‘new normal’….a covid vaccine for the new man. genetically altered to fit the new normal.

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