do you want me to go and spit in her eye? – the months of their scamdemic

In tonight’s episode of “how in the f**k can we continue to listen and obey the fear clowns”, the heavens are reaching out to us and sticking any and all rods of common sense up any orifice available, attempting to illicit our attention of how many ways to Sunday we’re all being screwed.

Tragically, the unwashed have abandoned all common sense, and continue to ignore their demise, not just in the hereafter, but in their ‘now’.

This shitposting writer is a senior citizen, 65 years old.

Today, I was visiting my mum, a very senior citizen, 87 years old.

Mum is in an “independent” senior living facility, where she is isolated, quarantined, house imprisoned, with swabs up her nostrils every week to test for the mighty cornholio.

Mum is only “allowed” to visit with her own children, outside the facility. (Screw these government demons and their “mandates”)

We spent an hour visiting on a bench, with me listening to her stories of her life long ago – stories that I’ve heard a hundred times or more.

I was “sans” mask, for we’re outside, away from the infection area that dickheads in government have determined is ‘safe’.

Alas, as I’m helping mum walk along the sidewalk, back to the entrance of the facility, we passed by two elderly bints on a bench, with one deranged soul yelling out to me to put on a mask.

“Are you a doctor,” I inquired.

“Yes, I am,” she responded.

“You’re a lying nutjob”, I responded.

“Well… I don’t want to be around you,” she said.

“And no one wants to be around you,” I responded.

Mum and I walked on, ignoring her further insults when mum stopped, turned to me and said, “do you want me to go and spit in her eye?”

Dear Mum survived the “depression”, along with countless other sufferings throughout her years. She said she certainly wasn’t scared of a virus but was scared of what has become of people.

Indeed, Mum!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Second Line (Joe Avery’s Blues) – Wynton Marsalis Quintet featuring Mark O’Connor and Frank Vignola

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash


  1. Love it! Good for you and your mother!

    I’m sorry you and you dear mother are experiencing this. I tell people, here, what you and your family have gone through, in hopes it will help wake them up. And some have begun to question what is happening. So your sorrow and pain have not been in vain!

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  2. Your dear mom Decker sounds like a person of great courage and logic. Someone who has not had their brains sucked out through a straw. I see where you got your good sense and intelligence! your lucky to have her and she is lucky to have such a brilliant son! I wish she didn’t have to be in a prison for the old when the world has gone insane.


    1. Thank you for your very kind words, Highlander. Yes, it is outright evil that she and so, so many of our elderly are under house arrest. Thank you, again. Cheers!


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