No f**ks given – the months of their scamdemic

The training wheels are secure on our bicycles as we dive deeper into our relentless tank.

There are no feel-good moments allowed anymore.  Total cancer, shitf**kery and scum is the accepted pain.

Speaking of scum, take a gander at the local government cement heads in Colorado and what their collective sub-mediocrity has concocted:

If the fight against COVID-19 is a football game, the State of Colorado just moved the goal posts.

During a November 17 press conference, Governor Jared Polis revealed that because of spiking data, ten to fifteen Colorado counties are likely to qualify for the Red level on the state’s COVID-19 dial system — a status that previously called for adopting a stay-at-home order. However, officials at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment have created a new level, Purple, that allows such municipalities to stave off lockdowns until their hospital capacity is completely overwhelmed.

Polis didn’t name the counties that will be moving to the Red level. But Mayor Michael Hancock, who joined Senate President Leroy Garcia and Speaker-designate Alec Garnett as the governor’s guests, said he expects the Mile High City to be among those moving under the Red umbrella. Once that shift becomes official, a number of new restrictions will be put in place, including a temporary halt of in-person dining at bars and restaurants, an 8 p.m. last call, and limiting of capacity at gyms to 10 percent. – via

Tis proper f**kery, Amy!

Green, yellow, red and now purple levels of insanity are all these psychopath’s can produce.  Colors of shit, that no matter how the colors are doctored, are still shit.
Sadly, it’s enough, as the lolcow’s sniff their arm pits and pass out from the stench of believing that cow pies are good for consumption.
And writing about eating or injecting shit:
Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccine Results NOT based on Peer-Reviewed Science – ZERO Liability to Companies if Vaccine Kills or Injures Due to DFA Fast-track Approval – via

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

VAXXED film producer Polly Tomney and attorney Mary Holland of Children’s Health Defense discuss the two most recent COVID vaccine press releases from Pfizer and Moderna which both claimed over “90% effective” and just what this means.

Because these vaccines are expected to apply for FDA fast-track approval due to the COVID “emergency,” they do not go through the same peer-reviewed process, and if the vaccines end up injuring or killing anyone, they are immune from any legal liability. (read more.)

Run…run as fast as you can from these demon’s brew.

Sadly, it might be a bit late to run from psychopath’s here in the States  –  for the populace have given zero fucks of their ultimate demise. They believe whatever insanity is offered up by government and media dickheads.

It’s the new and future ‘normal’, right? 

Beauty cancelled, live music cancelled, theatre cancelled, holiday’s cancelled, restaurants shuttered and local businesses annihilated – smiles hidden, facial expressions suppressed and social bullshit distancing in place, all for your ‘safety.”

You’re f**ked, your kin are f**ked, and you could give a rat’s ass about it all.

Bejesus… when you meet your maker!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Es Ist ein Ros’ entsprungen (Praetorius) The Gesualdo Six at Ely Cathedral





    1. Hadnt seen that one yet. Thanks for sending along. Yeah, I think we’d probably be considered conservative, even though we’re anything but. But they can do anything they want, as we know.

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