What Will it take? – the months of their scamdemic

After taking a few hours off to reorganize on the shores of Gehenna, human slime re-emerges  from the depths, and life in the house of pain takes a breath to reinvigorate itself deeper into obeying more stupidity, insanity and outhouse droppings.

The gollum is back and must have spent part of the weekend as a lawn jockey on the townhome spreadings at Lake Gehenna, serving up alcoholic offerings to Hell’s psychopath’s via a serving tray placed directly upon his head:

Dr. Fauci Warns US Likely to Cancel Christmas, Hints That Masks & Social Distancing Are Here to Stay – via zerohedge.com

Across the US, millions of Americans are planning on scaled-back Thanksgiving dinners, with only members of their immediate family “bubbles” invited. Mayors of some of America’s large cities, along with the governors of California, Oregon and Washington State, have asked residents to limit travel over the holidays.

As angst about the spoiled Thanksgiving holiday simmers, Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” that American families should probably prepare to skip Christmas dinner, too.

While Dr. Fauci has repeatedly praised Pfizer and Moderna, and assured the American public that the FDA’s first vaccine emergency-use authorization could be handed down within days, he cautioned during Sunday’s interview that people should continue to wear masks and observe social distancing even after they’ve been vaccinated.

Oh, okay!

Since when did it become common place to listen unelected gollum’s promoting snake oil offerings to quicken one’s ultimate meeting with Father Time?  Long, long ago.

“People should continue to wear masks and observe social distancing even after they’ve been vaccinted”…that should tell you the cornholio scam surpasses the governments’ version of what happened on that 11th day in September.

The shitf**kery from these demons is of 5-star quality, and the lolcow’s belief of the insanity coming from these cement heads is also of 5-star quality.

More massacres of common sense.

But wait, boys and girls – there’s more seeping’s from Hell:

As Millions Face Eviction and Starvation, Pentagon to Spend Nearly $2 Billion a Day on War – via freethoughtproject.com

According to an analysis from Feeding America, food insecurity will hit 52 million people due to COVID-19 in the United States, which is an increase of 17 million people from pre-pandemic times. Supply line disruptions, lower levels of donations, and millions of unemployed people who’ve lost their jobs due to government-imposed lockdowns have created a massive strain on America’s food supply and more and more family’s are being pushed into a situation of food insecurity.

It’s not just the brink of starvation that millions of Americans face either. Thanks to government-mandated lockdowns, a record number of Americans are unable to find jobs as businesses are forced to close or have gone out of business permanently. This is creating a situation in which families are unable to pay their rent — leading to the potential for mass evictions.

What will it take. What… will… it… take?

Laziness, ineptitude and apathy won’t be the ticket, as the brain-dead succumb to the bottom of human existence.


Tonight’s musical offering:

VOCES8: “Jesus bleibet meine Freude” – JS Bach

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  1. Personally I think that the majority have been so shaken they have yet to consider the next step, you know, when there is no more free money coming from Uncle Sam; nothing in the cookie jar; nothing at the food bank; no way left to make one more rent; no gas for the car… nothing. They still believe that something, or someone, is going to do something. But what will that be, huh?

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