Gollum’s and elf’s – the Months of their scamdemic

Hey Mom! Come quick, look!  It’s adults behaving as the petulant and deranged misfits they are!

Yes, the episodes of stupidity, willful ignorance and embrace of one’s ultimate tank continue to multiply among the unwashed. It seems that months of listening to absolute dickheads, whose future contribution to the universe will be offered up from their position in one of the Circles of Hell, continue to be the rage of belief among the willful dumb.

But, quiet lamentations from the innocents are heard in distant fields, with the gollum of an elf offering up a dish of his latest shitf**kery:

Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci estimates ‘some degree of normality’ toward end of 2021: – via abc13.com

BERKELEY, Calif. — Dr. Anthony Fauci has been at the front and center of the U.S. response to COVID-19. On Thursday night, he spoke during a fireside chat at UC Berkeley in California about the political climate of the pandemic and when we might see a return to normal.

“What we’re involved with today is a divisiveness, the likes of which I’ve never seen,” said Dr. Fauci, who has advised six presidents on serious U.S. and global health threats.

“The enemy is the virus,” said Dr. Fauci, who said thinks he has been successful at shaping policy, while staying out of politics. “Science knows no political party.”

And Jesus weeps that we believe in bearded ladies and a gollum offering himself off as a new age guru. Screw this midget of a mind.

But wait! There’s an about-face of the shitf**kery issued previously by nutjobs and paid off officials:

Did The WHO Just (Accidentally) Confirm COVID is No More Dangerous Than Flu? – via zerohedge.com

Authored by Kit Knightly via Off-Guardian.org,

The World Health Organization has finally confirmed what we (and many experts and studies) have been saying for months – the coronavirus is no more deadly or dangerous than seasonal flu.

The WHO’s top brass made this announcement during a special session of the WHO’s 34-member executive board on Monday October 5th, it’s just nobody seemed to really understand it.

In fact, they didn’t seem to completely understand it themselves. (read more)

And it’s a double-dipper of shyte from the demons tonight:

WHO Flip-Flops: Urges World Leaders to Stop Using Lockdowns To Fight COVID Contagion: – via zerohedge.com

In a stunning rebuke of the “science” and the “doctors” and leftist politicians and career bureaucrats in the US and across much of The WestThe Epoch Times’ Evan Pentchoukov reports that The World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 has urged world leaders to stop using lockdowns as the primary control method against the spread of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus.

“We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” David Nabarro told The Spectator in an interview aired on Oct. 8.

The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

Nabarro pointed to the collateral damage that lockdowns are having worldwide, especially among poorer populations.

“Just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry, for example in the Caribbean or in the Pacific, because people aren’t taking their holidays. Look what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world because their markets have got dented. Look what’s happening to poverty levels. It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. Seems that we may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition because children are not getting meals at school and their parents, in poor families, are not able to afford it,” Nabarro said.

“This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe actually,” he added. “And so we really do appeal to all world leaders: Stop using lockdown as your primary control method, develop better systems for doing it, work together and learn from each other, but remember – lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.”

WATCH: Dr David Nabarro, the WHO’s Special Envoy on Covid-19, tells Andrew Neil: ‘We really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdown as your primary control method’. Watch the full interview here: https://t.co/XLdaedsKVS #SpectatorTV @afneil | @davidnabarro pic.twitter.com/1M4xf3VnXQ — The Spectator (@spectator) October 9, 2020

Nabarro isn’t the only scientist opposing lockdowns.

I wonder, late at night, when this shitposting writer attempts to close out the doors of the days’ insanity, where and when did I sign up for such brutal fuckery of us all.
“The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.”
― H.L. Mencken
Tonight’s musical offering:
Sinatra: Live at the Sands – “Where or When”


  1. If you give a house elf a mask, he would be free – masks are clothes after all.
    If you give a sheeple a mask he just gets more enslaved.

    I find difficulty breathing in my own exhaust – why doesn’t everyone else?

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