Bitter, but not sweet – the months of their scamdemic

And Jesus wept!

It’s the new age of shitf**kery brought to us by pond scum, masquerading as homo sapiens.

The depths of human degradation that we allow, escalates as fast as responses on the shit-show of Twitter, where all human depravity is on full display.

How do you extinguished more lives than the mighty cornholio? You reach into your inner demon and gift the world with more diarrhea from the bowels of Hell:

Medical group claims restricting airways helpful in resuscitating unconscious individuals –  | – SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

But come on, complete and utter demise is round the corner, and apathetic’s and ignorant’s rejoice, clutching pearls late at night, repeating in their minds…’there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home’, all the while allowing these shysters to destroy and lay to waste the very homes they live in.

We’re doing our bit…right? We’re listening to demons, right? We’re holding our arses firmly in the air for the daily infestation from these shysters…yet, we’ll get our diapers all bunched up if our loved ones don’t agree we us, we’ll get bent because our friends or family isn’t down with our BS, and we’ll shit the bed if anyone questions anything from the mainstream media… and yet, we’ll follow these cement heads into hell, purposely oblivious…of the truth.

Study: COVID-19 Fatality Fate “Worst Miscalculation in the History of Humanity – via


Tonight’s musical offering:

Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve



One comment

  1. I don’t believe that “mouth to mouth” (cpr version) is being practiced here in the States.
    Chest compressions actually forces air in and out – if done properly.
    But what ever floats their boat –

    ALL the lies – all the bull – it’s all a bunch of phooey.

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