I f**ing don’t Know- The months of their scamdemic

For reasons of, ‘I f**king don’t know’, we’ve been cast upon an indescribably beautiful rock, with flora, fauna, herbs, minerals and all else that nature has provided to ease our journey from this shitty existence to new realms of wonder and bliss in the next…so we hope.

The sour taste in our mouths as most cover their pie holes with face diapers to enter any commercial establishment selling shyte that lolcows need to nurture them to another day of apathy, isn’t from the guano of the day from the demons running the show, it’s precisely because the apathetic’s choose to embrace their tank by wearing the masks of shame, oxygen depravation and inhaling the shit they just exhaled.

All hail the gods of shitf**kery!  Most everyone else is.

Put the word ‘operation’ in front of any government ‘new idea’, and you are guaranteed that future projectile vomiting and the scent of putrid fecal matter will be your new, next and fabulously cool ‘new normal’.

Boris Johnson’s ‘Operation Moonshot’ envisions weekly coronavirus tests for every person in Britain – via washingtonpost.com – By William Booth and Karla Adam

September 12, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. MDT
LONDON — No masks. No distancing. The ability to go to work or school, the theater or a soccer match, as if living in a virus-free world
That’s the vision British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pitched this past week, as he unveiled “Operation Moonshot” — a plan to test 10 million Brits every single day, or everyone in the country every week, at a cost of $130 billion.


Yep, no need for concern of the hundreds of thousands whose lives have been laid to waste with your policies of lockdown, shutdown and everyday insanity issued through the cement heads in charge. Let’s float $130 billion so that Brits can experience the joys of “operation moonshot.” That’ll work, and bring back ‘normal’, right?  Madness shitf**kery.

Most of the adults appear to have allowed their brains to assume room temperature. Total destruction of their gray cells have been approved.  How is this easily discerned? Glad you asked boy and girls:

 ‘Surreal, depressing, dystopian s**t’: CNN & Sesame Street warn kids to get their ‘DISTANCING STICKS’ ready for school girls

Cast your eyes upon another heap of their bullshit – via rt.com

Preparing your kids for school this fall?  Well, don’t forget their pencils, lunchboxes, and “distance sticks.” That’s what the vaguely dystopian advice from Sesame Street’s Big Bird tells families watching CNN.

In a coronavirus town hall for kids and parents broadcast on Saturday, CNN enlisted the help of Sesame Street’s Big Bird to help kids understand the raft of new restrictions they’ll face when schools open their doors again this month.

Asked what he’s packing in his schoolbag, the kids’ TV favorite listed off the usual essentials – “pencils, paper and crayons” – as well as a mask, hand sanitizer, wipes, and a “distancing stick,” a handcrafted stick to poke away kids who get too close.

Folks, I’m no backstop of what absolute insanity we’ll believe…but it appears we’ll believe in the anything these f**kers concoct:


Tonight’s musical offering:

‘Do you feel like I do’ – Peter Frampton –  Full Version

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