Dry Fantasies – the months of their scamdemic


Pain and agony are the accepted everyday in the house of sadness.

The gods of shitf**kery have already experienced so many holiday celebrations this year that they’re thinking of calling off one of the unwashed’s favorites – Halloween. Why let the littles ones (and adults acting as little ones) experience a hint of excitement and joy. After all, these demons have cancelled part the past school year, cancelled many summer activities, quarantined the truly innocent in front of computers to be taught insanity to follow, and then mandated that they cover their little faces with masks of shame and oxygen depravation to experience early forms of the psychological abuse that they’ll be facing for the rest of their lives by going back to school.

But it’s not just the children who are experiencing supreme shif**kery – the adults in the room seem to be experiencing a ‘fantasy island’ of wet dreams where if they test positive for the mighty cornholio, it’s akin to some type of badge of honor and sympathy. 

But strap onto your cell phones boys and girls…your wet dream may be just a bit dry:

“Dead” Virus Cells Frequently Trigger “False Positives” in Most Common COVID Test, New Study Finds: – via zerohedge.com

In the past, our reports raising questions about the accuracy of COVID-19 tests have been met with accusations of ‘fearmongering’ and spreading ‘misinformation’. 

But not today.

That’s because new research from the University of Oxford’s Center for Evidence-Based Medicine and the University of the West of England has found that the swab-based technique used for most COVID-19 testing is at risk of returning “false positives” since copies of the virus’s RNA detected by the tests might simply be dead, inactive material from a weeks-old infection. Although patients infected with COVID-19 are typically only infectious for a week or less, tests can be triggered by virus genetic material left over from a weeks-old infection.

The team’s research involved analyzing 25 studies on the widely used polymerase chain reaction test. PCR tests use material collected with a swab – the most common type of test around the world, and especially in the US – then utilize a “genetic photocopying” technique that allows scientists to magnify the small sample of genetic material collected, which they can then analyze for signs of viral RNA.

What the researchers here have effectively found is that these PCR tests just aren’t sensitive enough to distinguish if the viral material is active and infectious, or dead and inert.

Professor Carl Heneghan, one of the authors of the study, said there was a risk that a surge in testing across the UK was increasing the risk of this sample contamination occurring and it may explain why the number of Covid-19 cases is rising but the number of deaths is static.

“Evidence is mounting that a good proportion of ‘new’ mild cases and people re-testing positives after quarantine or discharge from hospital are not infectious, but are simply clearing harmless virus particles which their immune system has efficiently dealt with,” he told the Spectator.

Professor Heneghan added that international scrutiny might be required to avoid “the dangers of isolating non-infectious people or whole communities.”

The shitf**kery from these demons runs deep…and we continue to believe.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart : Requiem in D – K. 626 (Orchestre national de France / James Gaffigan)

Photo by Tim de Groot on Unsplash

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