The Daily Shitshow – The Months of their Scamdemic

As God, Mother Earth or the Committee of dolphins who created this beauty turned to vaudeville act by the crustaceans of humanity – the creators have decided that Babylon Earth must be as far removed from other alien life forms, so as not to have a possible infestation of earthly shitf**kery escaping to other parts of universe. The conclusion of such heavenly edicts is that we’re all fucked!

It’s now a daily shitshow. Watch, and weep or laugh:

Democrats, republicans… I think the more appropriate term is cement heads. And clearing the area of the cornholio – that’s right, plastic bags and masks of oxygen depravation catch the mighty cornholio, proving that we don’t need a fucking poke in the arm of battery acid to ward off the virus these shysters tell us that just won’t go away.

Sounds like a little ‘absorbtion’ is needed here to remind us that the psychopath’s are in full control:

And bonus coverage tonight boys and girls, so clutch tightly upon your pearls, get the bowl of Skittles out and try to breathe in deeply of the insanity offered up…by the insane!

Northeastern dismisses 11 students who gathered in same room – via

BOSTON – Northeastern University said Friday it has dismissed 11 freshman students for the fall semester for violating campus social distancing guidelines after they were discovered in the same hotel room.

The students were given 24 hours to leave the Boston campus and were ordered to undergo COVID-19 tests, the university said in a statement. It said any who test positive would be moved into isolated wellness housing rather than sent home, to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The university said students in the program had been formally notified multiple times over the past week that they needed to practice physical distancing, avoid crowds and wear masks when around others.

Staff members discovered the 11 jammed into the hotel room Wednesday night, officials said. They said the students would not be reimbursed for tuition and fees for the fall semester.

You see, it always, always, always comes down to money. 

Yes, let’s create a scenario – bring the students in, tell them they are violating whatever latest cornholio fuckery, and then say…hey, guess what, we’ll be taking your tuition and fees for the semester because of whatever fucked-up, bullshit rules you won’t obey that you don’t know about.

Folks….the scam runs deep!


Tonight’s musical offering:

G.F. Händel: Water Music – Akademie für alte Musik Berlin – Live concert HD


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