Daily colonoscopies – The Months of their scamdemic

In tonight’s episode of ‘who f**ked up and why do we continue to listen to them’, the question of ‘who’ is an easy one – cement heads holding down government jobs paying 6 figures, throwing darts at a dartboard of possibilities that will create havoc and misery among those who just want to live their lives without experiencing daily colonoscopies from government shitf**kery.

Why do most listen to them?  That’s a question that God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who created this masterpiece that demons have turned into a vaudeville act from Gehenna are pondering to this very day.

Let the cotton candy melt in your mouth boys and girls as you read this, once you pull down the masks of oxygen depravation covering your pie-hole, and do deep breathing exercises:

Shock report: Up to 90% of COVID-positive Americans were possibly not even contagious –  by via theblaze.com

The vast majority of the nearly 6 million coronavirus diagnoses in the United States likely were not contagious, according to the New York Times.

Despite continued widespread COVID-19 panic, which includes many virus-related restrictions, up to 90% of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 potentially carried such “insignificant” amounts of the virus that they were not contagious, the Times reported.

What are the details?

The most widely used diagnostic test for COVID-19 is called the PCR test, which, according to the FDA, tests for the virus’ genetic material.

The problem with the test is that it only reports the presence of the genetic material being searched. It does not report the amount of genetic material, meaning individuals with such insignificant levels of COVID-19 genetic material will still test positive even if they aren’t really sick.

From the Times:

The PCR test amplifies genetic matter from the virus in cycles; the fewer cycles required, the greater the amount of virus, or viral load, in the sample. The greater the viral load, the more likely the patient is to be contagious. This number of amplification cycles needed to find the virus, called the cycle threshold, is never included in the results sent to doctors and coronavirus patients, although it could tell them how infectious the patients are. In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found.

Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said testing thresholds are currently too sensitive. The problem, he told the Times, is akin to finding an individual hair in a room long after the person who was responsible for dropping the strand of hair had left.

It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game – who in the f**k wants to believe the truth? The answer – few.

Who wants to continue to believe what the mommy and daddy government arseholes fart out each day?  Nearly everyone.

Piles of evidence mount that you’re being played as the government dickheads make up ‘rules’ for you to follow, but not them:

Philadephia mayor seen dining indoors while city’s restaurants can only serve outside – By Greg Norman | Fox News

Philadelphia’s mayor is facing criticism after a photo has emerged of him dining indoors in Maryland while his city’s restaurants are only permitted to serve customers outside.

Indoor dining is set to resume in Philadelphia at 25-percent capacity on Sept. 8, according to Fox 29. Outdoor dining returned there in June after restaurants were shut down because of the coronavirus, while indoor dining has been permitted elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Kenney addressed the uproar Monday, writing in a tweet: “I know some are upset that I dined indoors at a restaurant in Maryland yesterday.

“I felt the risk was low because the county I visited has had fewer than 800 COVID-19 cases, compared to over 33,000 cases in Philadelphia. Regardless, I understand the frustration,” he said.

“Restaurant owners are among the hardest hit by the pandemic. I’m sorry if my decision hurt those who’ve worked to keep their businesses going under difficult circumstances,” he added. “Looking forward to reopening indoor dining soon and visiting my favorite spots.”

All hail the dickhead!  Appearances are important as you’re screwing the innocents. “Looking forward to reopening indoor dining soon and visiting my favorite spots”… at 25-percent capacity.

And to conclude this shitposting article tonight, from the files of WHAT THE FUCK?…we have this to provide proof that not only has Elvis left the building, but all intelligence and common sense have vanished down the commode as well:

Colleges Are Testing Dorm Sewage To Detect Early COVID-19 Outbreaks – via zerohedge.com

Colleges and universities which are opening for in-person, on campus classes this week and the next are apparently stopping at nothing to ensure they can detect COVID-19 cases early, especially as they struggle to prevent total campus shutdowns as happened last March when the pandemic hit the US, also as in many cases the very financial survival of a number of institutions of higher learning is at stake.

Already stringent virus testing measures are in effect for new and returning students, but some schools are going to more extreme lengths. Testing students’ shit – literally – is now a thing, apparently.

“The University of Arizona found early signs of COVID-19 in a student dorm this week by testing wastewater and were able to head off an outbreak there, school leaders announced Thursday,” the daily newspaper Arizona Republic reports.

Pure shitf**kery…And Jesus wept!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sting – “Seven Days”

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


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