No in-person attendance – The Days of their Scamdemic

In another episode of ‘who in the f**k wants to live here’, the gods of shitf**kery, along with the shysters, morons, cement heads and psychopath’s who do the gods’ deeds, and seem to be multiplying faster than the genetically modified mosquitoes from Gates and company delivered to the innocents in Florida and Texas, laugh at the unwashed, as they continue to swallow the absolute insanity these demons dream up each day.

Mass mania: WHO confirms 172 countries agree to global Covid-19 vaccine program via

Some 172 countries are engaging with the COVAX facility designed to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, the World Health Organization said on Monday, but more funding is needed and countries need now to make binding commitments.

Countries wishing to be part of the global COVAX plan have until Aug. 31 to submit expressions of interest, WHO officials said, with confirmation of intention to join due by Sept. 18, and initial payment due by Oct. 9.


That’s right. Step on up to the bar, partner, and deposit the required cash in order to ‘ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines’.  For after all, it’s the greatest ‘pandemic’ the world has ever experienced, and bejesus, the WHO needs to ensure they’re compensated accordingly before dispensing with their vials of battery acid to save the unwashed.

But not to worry, for the soon-to-be mandated poke in the arm coming to your front door, has been tested, tested and re-tested for safety, right?

Then there’s the misleading information about SAFETY exposed by RFK, Jr in his debate with Alan Dershowitz who advocates mandatory vaccination, by force if necessary. (Vaccines are NEVER proven or even adequately tested for long term effects as scientists complained at a recently exposed WHO conference.)

“They use what they call exclusionary criteria,” Kennedy said. “They are only giving these vaccines in these tests that they’re doing to the healthiest people.” Kennedy continued, “If you look at their exclusionary idea criteria: You cannot be pregnant, you cannot be overweight, you must have never smoked a cigarette, you must have never vaped, you must have no respiratory problems in your family, you can’t suffer asthma, you can’t have diabetes, you can’t have rheumatoid arthritis or any autoimmune disease. There has to be no history of seizure in the family. These are the people they’re testing the vaccine on.”

“Despite all that, in the low-dose group 6% had to be hospitalized, while in the high-dose group 21% required hospitalization.  The people they tested are not typical Americans.  So what’s going to happen when they give this to average people?  They’ve already said that the first people who get this are going to be people at risk, the elderly, people with co-morbidities”, Kennedy continued.

“Any other medicine that had that kind of profile in its original Phase 1 study would be D.O.A.  The problem is Anthony Fauci put $500 million of our dollars into that vaccine.  He owns half the patent.  He has five guys working for him entitled to collect royalties from that.  So you have a corrupt system and now they’ve got a vaccine that’s too big to fail”, Kennedy concluded.

“Operation Warp Speed” is a tangled web of lies, corruption, greed — and death. – by David Knight, via

Ho-hum.  Americans, and most of the world population are down with the pre-mature death of themselves and their loved ones. They can’t be bothered with truth.  Fuck that!

And if facts are presented that this is maybe the greatest scheme/scam of all time, the lolcows blow their minds and faces, along with their masks of shame up their asses, content with the belief that continuing to follow these absolute assholes’ lies, propaganda and shitf**kery, will somehow create a seat for them at the table of the insane.

UK Officials Exposed For Inflating COVID Hospital Numbers At Height Of “Pandemic” via

New evidence has emerged which shows that UK hospital admissions for COVID-19 were ‘over-reported’ during the height of the crisis back in April. It seems that patients who were being taken in for other common illnesses were in fact being counted as ‘COVID’ in the government’s statistical totals.

This latest embarrassing admission comes on the heels of other similar revelations of dubious record-keeping by the government – all of which have been pivotal in giving the false impression to the public that there were more COVID deaths than actually took place. Back in July, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock was forced to admit how data from Public Health England regarding coronavirus fatalities were being fraudulently recorded – effectively ‘double counting’ their deaths, forcing the government officials to revise their totals downwards to reflect more realist numbers.

The angels of sanity are screaming at us; God, Mother Earth or the Committee of Dolphins who created this beauty that man has turned into a vaudeville act, are beseeching us to stand against the insane.  Beauty, music, and the arts are being destroyed.  Knowledge is being sequestered into libraries where if one takes a book off the shelf, it has to be disinfected with chemical shitfuckery before being placed again on the shelf.  Folks…this is absolute insanity.

They will be divided; father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.” – Luke 12:53

A fallen-away Catholic, I am not well-versed in the bible, nor much in faith. Yet, the verse from Luke strikes a chord. For as here at the Asylum, I’m sure you too are experiencing the splintering of your relationships with family, friends and sex partners.

In the end, we’re so cool believing in the demise of ourselves at the hands of these demons, we won’t be able to see our graves set six feet below us, nor the resting places of our beloved here on Earth.

“You’re so Cool”  –  Main Title –Hans Zimmer



  1. I share in your anger and frustration. We are gong to be dragged down with these blind and obedient sheep to this despotic, this “new normal”, and yet, the sheep claim we are the problem. And these blind sheep will be the first to cry out FOUL, when they find themselves in a FEMA camp or “the ministry of love”.

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  2. The insanity continues. It won’t stop until people learn to say no! I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I think it will get worse. The more they get away with the more they will demand. never ending tyranny. Human Beasts demons in human clothing. no doubt about it.

    This song is fitting for the billy gates and all the other tyrants. Governors,mayors, city counsel members.

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  3. In fact, I am one ‘divided’ from my FOO (family of origin) and alienated from many I’ve held dear, but because I know without a shadow of a doubt it’s for the right reasons, I don’t let their blaming and shaming and denying get to me anymore, I really don’t, it’s gone from a source of pain to a source of righteousness, for better or worse, and as odd as that might sound.

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