Merchants of Misery – The Days of Their Scamdemic

Hey Mom, come quick, look! It’s another day of insanity from the merchants of misery.

Yes, boys and girls, it isn’t enough that so many are sucking on popsicles of destruction, their own destruction passed out by dickheads in finely tailored clothing telling us that the poison contained in their sugary ice pole is for the good of us, our neighbors, and of course, the children.

No, now we have these sugar plum cement-heads coming up with shitf**kery that their brethren in Gehenna couldn’t have fathomed.

The New Normal: ‘Covert Moral Enhancement’ for ‘Coronavirus Defectors’ – by Kit Knightly – OffGuardian

Four days ago the Conversation – an “independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community” – published an article headlined:

‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist

The article’s author is Parker Crutchfield, an Associate Professor of Medical Ethics, Humanities and Law at Western Michigan University, and his argument can be broken down into four key points:

  1. Wearing masks and social distancing are good for public health
  2. People who refuse to follow these rules are “defectors” who need to be “morally enhanced”
  3. This moral enhancement can be achieved with medication to make people more “empathetic” and “co-operative”
  4. This medication should be compulsory and/or administered secretly via the water supply.

I swear I’m not exaggerating. Not even a little bit

No exaggeration needed.  We get it.

A relative of mine, who does grocery shopping online, ordered some corn on the cob, you know, a staple at this time of the year.  Apparently, the grocery store found that they didn’t have the few cobs my relative ordered on hand.  So, the cement-heads at the grocery store, in true fashion of allegiance to their utter stupidity, replaced his order of corn on the cob, with 4 bags of baby carrots. Genius!

As we clutch upon our pearls of comfort, ignoring the demonic shitf**kery of us all, we dive deeper into these psychopath’s dreams of our ultimate prison and demise….and seemingly, we’re alright with it all, allowing ourselves and loved ones to get entangled into their web of absolute fucking depravity.

4 bags of baby carrots or handful of ‘morality pills’ – what does it matter, for it’s what these hyena’s of insanity dictate, and we follow along, bitching amongst ourselves that there are road closures due to protests, that folks are being called ‘names’, that there are no more musical events, no more gatherings of whatever number of homo sapiens these fucktards dictate, whether it be the marriages of our loved ones, or the burial of our kin. These supreme assholes in government, media and corporations, could care less of us…and it appears that so too, humanity could give a flying fuck about its own self.

And for evidence that all is far from being right….a little tour of NYC, that the mainstream media won’t allow you to see:

“Ghost Town”: Shocking Dystopian Video of NYC Shows An Abandoned and Boarded up 5th Avenue: – via

In the end, they won’t come for you or your loved ones, for the insanity we’ve allowed to transpire from these psychopath’s, will have already cobbled us all into their labyrinth of shit. There will no longer be any true humans left.


Tonight’s musical offering:

How I hope I’m wrong…but if we manage to get to ‘Christmas Time’ in any semblance of where we are now, it will be a ‘festivus miracle’.

Vince Guaraldi Trio – Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental)







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