Mask Up, With Diapers on Your Face – The Days of Their Scamdemic

As it’s a slow ‘news’ day, other than the abnormal bullshit the unwashed are ‘requested’ to follow to keep the abnormal up and running – maybe just a quick revisit on the face mask, the masks of shame, the muzzles, or as a brilliant commentator on this shitposting website offered, the ‘face diaper’, is due.

New CDC and WHO Study Proves “No Evidence” Face Masks Prevent Virus – by Ben Swann – via

FB’s so called “fact checkers” have struck again, claiming that my report on the science that proves that wearing facemasks, especially in non-medical settings does almost nothing to prevent the spread of a virus, is false… citing that it was based on old information.

Now, I’m reporting on a new study created in conjunction with the World Health Organization and published by the CDC from less than 60 days ago that once again proves that there is no evidence that wearing face masks in public prevents the spread of flu-like viruses.

I’m also going to show you why the Facebook fact-checking system cannot be trusted.

Link to the CDC published study. This study was conducted in preparation for the development of guidelines by the World Health Organization on the use of nonpharmaceutical interventions for pandemic influenza in nonmedical settings.

This study was supported by the World Health Organization.


Ho-hum! The unwashed willingly remain unwashed while the shysters crash the economy. Businesses permanently shuttered, jobs permanently lost, lines of the hungry at food banks, stadiums empty with sports millionaires bending their knee to what, we’re not sure of – listening to governor’s who are so f**king touched in their minds that they believe that closing bars at 10:00 pm will stop the spread of the cornholio. And continuing with their dictating the masks of shame, that do basically nothing for you, and harm you more than help you.

Such shitf**kery the masses continue to believe:

While many doctors across the country are using these protocols successfully, other doctors – and even some states – are refusing to shoot the bear. They just want us to use camouflage – to mask up and hope the virus doesn’t get us.

In ping pong-like fashion, we’ve heard conflicting stories on masks. We have video of Anthony Fauci telling us that masks are useless for preventing viral spread, and then we have video of Fauci telling us facial coverings will prevent the spread.

We have the World Health Organization telling us not to wear masks unless we’re sick or caring for someone who is, and then we have them telling us the public should wear masks.

A little digging revealed a likely reason for this change of advice: Neither the CDC nor the W.H.O. suggest any Covid outpatient treatments. In other words, these agencies have zero suggested treatments for Covid UNTIL an infected person lands in the hospital. –Follow the money

If you’ll recall, back in March the coronavirus task force told us everyone would be exposed to the virus, but by closing non-essential businesses and staying home for two weeks, we would flatten the curve and not overwhelm our healthcare systems. Of course, we now know that was a bait and switch.

Here’s my translation of the 40,000-foot view:

  1. Big pharma and other organizations will make big bank on vaccinesso any competing treatment must be pooh-poohed.
  2. The CDC, W.H.O. and big pharma don’t have an outpatient treatment recommendation, but they still need to look like they’re doing something, so they changed their story on mask efficacy.
  3. By making masks mandatory, multiple psychological effects are engaged, such as (a) people believe non-mask wearers are spreading the infection and (b) if we’d all just obey the government, everything would get better.
  4. Which leads to, “Hurry, government – bring us a vaccine so we can go back to normal.” -by Daniel Bobinski – UncoverDC – via


“I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.”― Thomas Paine


Tonight’s musical offerings:

The latest from Leonid & Friends:

East River – Leonid & Friends (The Brecker Brothers cover)

or, for a bit of the more reflective:

Gluck – Dance of the Blessed Spirits

or, if you might be a bit brave and want to enjoy Christmas music in July…since it will be banned this December by the cement-heads we continue to obey, the Asylum links to this gem:

King’s College Cambridge (2010) – “Once in Royal David’s City”


Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash


  1. Thanks for your excellent post decker. I love it! the masked covid zombies are few and far between in our small town…thank the dolphins!! the unmasked outnumber the face diapered! in fact, the few that are diapered stand right next to us and talk together. we saw a young couple with a lovely smile in line in front of us! no diaper hiding that smile! we told them how lovely that looked and they smiled even brighter!

    The people in the local grocery store that work there were diapered. Sadly! That is where the price of money and earning it way too high! The cost is their very lives! The brain damage those masks cause. The sickness from things clinging to the moist mask environment

    The little girl at the meat counter cutting up our cheese and lunch meat couldn’t remember if she had cut it up or not! We told her…”yes, dear, you did and we put it in our cart”…she is already experiencing the cost of that wage she received…the cost is her ability to think. The memory loss. . She seemed confused! That is what happens when you lack oxygen to the brain!

    the majority of people in our area won’t wear diapers for adults!near the cities of medium to large size? yes. our small town…NO! 80-90 percent ratio i would guess. 10% masked. An older lady behind me in line was diapered and stood back a few feet but not the b.s socialist distancing recommended by the rulers of the world. We stood there talking together. she dropped her mask to talk to me! I told her i promise not to bite and you can put your goods on the rolling table…remember those plastic dividers? i put one down for her and invited her to take the offer! She did!! She said ”Thank you!! ” that is very kind! and proceeded to put her goods next to mine without fear!!

    Act as if the laws and mandates do not exist and shop local and small where you can and LEAD BY EXAMPLE! show no fear and those around you are without fear as well. it is indeed infectious! Smile unmasked even to the store clerks and watch them melt! Don’t go with a chip on the shoulder but with courage and those around us follow suit… That young couple in front with their lovely smiles I won’t soon forget and it was contagious!! those around them smiled back!! including us!

    On the way home we talked about how nice it was to shop the small stores again! and ignore the big box stores and their tyranny. we have to hit 4 stores to find what we used to buy in one but it is a much nicer experience! worth the extra effort and miles it takes to accomplish it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great, great stuff Highlander! All of what you said…so spot on…especially that of “lead by example…show no fear”. Thank you for your thoughts….Cheers!


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