Jive Frequencies – All This Bullshit Goin’ Down – The Days of Their Scamdemic

There’s courageous, and then there’s putting a metal object into an electrical socket.

The cement-heads running this vaudeville act jab their metal objects into an electrical socket dozens of times throughout any given day, then jam it into their brains for the frequencies that send wavelengths of shitf**kery they are instructed to impose upon the innocents.

But sadly, like the cockroaches they are, the cement-heads refuse to die.

So we, the humans, are left with vermin that could probably live quite comfortably in any of the circles of Hell, but because God, Mother Earth, or the Committee of Dolphins who started this circus have a ‘bent’ sense of humor, we’re left to ‘co-exist’ with this rancid vomit.

But it’s not just the cement-heads in government taking their daily dumps on humanity.

No, now we have business owners deciding to get in on the act of lunacy and human degradation:

A San Antonio restaurant owner isn’t taking any chances with the coronavirus. Ceasar Zepeda, a well-known San Antonio chef, has installed a disinfecting portal that employees and customers now have the option of walking through before going inside. – via healthnutnews.com

Zepeda, the owner of Alamo Biscuit Company, said the portal provides an extra layer of safety for restaurant, stating:

“It’s just one extra layer that makes us feel a little bit better to continue to do what we do here.”

The portal was installed at the northwest-side restaurant last week, and has been put to good use since then. But it’s also seen pushback from patrons. Zepeda explained the concerns some customers have had, saying:

“Just concerns of, ‘What’s being sprayed on? Do you have to do it to come into the restaurant?’” 

“Again, it’s not mandatory. But we definitely recommended it. It makes our staff feel a little bit better about having people come in here as well. So I think it (is) just the unknown.” 

John Vale, the owner of Sanitizer2You, which installed the innovative entrance, added:

“It’s very safe for your skin. Our No. 1 priority is employee/customer safety and health before anything. It’s a disinfectant spray it’s 99.7%, kills all germs. We strongly recommend just close your eyes and cover your mouth.”

Source: KENS5

OMG!  Very safe for your skin but they strongly recommend just close your eyes and cover your mouth!

No gray cells are left in these cement-heads. Evidently, they haven’t had the dawn of thought enough to think, that if they’re requiring the muzzles of shame to be worn into their establishment, certainly that would protect their mouths from inhaling the “safe” disinfectant spray, right? For doesn’t the masks of shame protect us from everything?

A Scientific Look at The Mask Fallacy – And Why We’re Told to Wear Them – via sottnews.org

But screw the scientific looks. The lolcows, the apathetic’s, the willful ignorant’s – their attention is devoted solely to whatever porn-fear shitf**kery the corporate media presents each day.

God or Mother Earth screwed up…for the Christians, the Muslim’s, the Hindu’s, the New Ager’s, the Yoga Orgasmic’s, the degenerates for money – the heathens, the keepers of the land, the protectors of lives lived before no longer have a clue…these gods have all fucked up in a momental sense, sending along a message that they forget to advise of the face covering of humiliations, that will protect them from whatever germ, virus, cough, sneeze and fart that has been with humankind from the beginning, but what we now choose to believe will kill us all.

Screw the immune system given, the brain, the heart, the intestines, the body miraculous the creators have us upon birth – God fucked up by not giving us the muzzles of shame and oxygen depravation that must be worn at all times to sustain us from, well, from whatever shitf**kery these psychopath’s come up with each day.

Don the muzzles of shame, and all we be right:

The Dark Helmet

“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”
― Edgar Allan Poe


Tonight’s musical offering:

Fight the Power – The Isley Brothers – HQ


  1. i just ran into this Decker. the yahoo news telling people to attack those of us who refuse to be muzzled or self suffocate ourselves. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/ok-yell-strangers-don-t-134608959.html

    they have declared open season on those who wish to remain free and unfettered. the people wearing those masks of shame are already attacking those who refuse to join them. the 1000th monkey comes to mind. we are in the minority but i would rather be that then on my knees hiding behind a mask. these people are truly certifiably insane! no doubt about it. Bat Shit Crazy by another term.

    it is going to get really ugly from here! worse and worse day by day. Those people hiding behind the mask gave up their life. they surrendered to fear and propaganda. signaled their willingness to submit to their masters. I won’t join them. never have and not about to start. I choose freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to decide my health for myself and not submit to the demands of people with worm filled holes in their brains.

    watch out though Decker. The insane zombies are loose! They wear masks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The insane mask working morons should stay home! They are terrified of everyone around them and hysterical that they ”might” run into an infected person. They fear everyone BUT THEM is contagious so they should run home. lock the door. weld it shut and never leave their home again! They are the problem. not the unmasked! Those who refuse to muzzle are not the problem. They are the solution! Freedom is the solution, the cure for all ills. one these people reject in fear!

    it is getting more and more difficult to get what we need. we won’t be allowed to shop soon and i say so be it! i will learn to do without. make my own or take it from those who have it! that is the chaos they have created with their insanity and mass hysterics!

    Liked by 1 person

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