Clowns on Parade – Allowing Our Own Demise – The Days of Their Scamdemic

In tonight’s episode of ‘who wants to be a dick’, there are many candidates to pick from, but as the list of of those advancing duplicity, lies, and shitf**kery here in this shithole of a State this shitposting writer lives in, it’s good to stick to, and highlight the shitf**kery from the local psychopath’s:

DENVER — Citing models that show the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases “could”  (emphasis added) overwhelm Colorado’s ICU beds by early September, Democratic Governor Jared Polis announced Thursday he has issued an executive order mandating that face coverings be worn in indoor public places starting at midnight.

“We have a choice in Colorado: either more mask wearing and more attention to social distancing, or more damage to our economy and loss of life,” Polis said.

Failing to wear a mask inside a Colorado business will now be considered trespassing (empahsis added) the governor said. Businesses could lose their licenses for not enforcing the mask mandate. 


That’s right, children.  Wearing the masks of shame and oxygen depravation, along with the torture techniques of social distancing – these are the keys to keeping the mysterious and clever cornholio at bay.

‘Could, should, maybe’…these dickheads haven’t a clue of what they spout off about, with their ugly mugs hidden behind their masks of obedience, making shit up with the dawn of each new day.

The clowns of this vaudeville act, laying to waste the lives of those who work in local businesses, with their ‘orders” (not laws) that dictate how, when and why you might wipe your ass each day…these are the fucking demons, folks. They are nothing more…nothing less than fucking ant scum.

And if you need evidence, or maybe a visual of what the circles of Hell look like, just click on this link, and watch the jackals, the shysters, the con-artists of the day…spouting off their dickery, behind their masks of willful ignorance.

These are the fuckers of life.  These are the demons, the shyters, the morons, the absolute pricks of our time that far too many listen to:


But don’t be too concerned ,as this shyte from these dickheads, of demanding social distancing, demanding mask wearing, will be highlighted as the enlightenment toward stupidity, where coherent thought, banned by these motherfuckers, and all that is beauty and wonder will be deep-sixed by these maggots.

You dig?….Probably not!


Tonight’s musical offering:

W. A. Mozart – Laudate Dominum, KV 339 – Patricia Janečková – Sopran

(Imagine…and you will be hard-pressed to, this angel singing such glories, behind the masks of degradation these fucktards promote)


  1. “Could, should, maybe’…these dickheads haven’t a clue of what they spout off about, with their ugly mugs hidden behind their masks of obedience, making shit up with the dawn of each new day.”

    First off – Happy Friday!

    Secondly, I agree with this point – the rampant ambiguity from the media and government di*heads allows the mayhem to continue and let them get away with massive amounts of BS – because most people cannot use critical thinking to see through any uncertainty, so their emotions take over control.

    This is how lawyers win trials; they pick jurors who are complete idiots that can be “easily swayed” towards a particular decision or belief, and it’s also how Casey Anthony got off scott free. The jurors in that case were complete morons incapable of seeing the big picture through all the gray area that the defense created (despite the fact that she Googled “how to make chloroform”), and then their emotions kicked in and prevented them from wanting to see her go to jail or be executed. Now it’s no justice for Caylee, and a child murderer roams free in our society. When you are both dumb *and* emotionally weak, bad things happen.

    As for COVID? You are either sick or your’re not – end of story. And if someone feels fine, they need to grab their “you-know-whats,” live life like a normal human, and stop listening to all this “what if” nonsense. “You might die. You could kill your grandmother. You could catch it from your TV. You could catch it from eating a Twinkie. You could catch it by wearing a yellow T-shirt on a Tuesday while simultaneously eating a hamburger.” Make up whatever you want, and put it on CNN.

    There is no limit to the amount of absolute ambiguous BS the media can come up with – because most people are gullible idiots that will believe anything you tell them. I came to realize in the recent Sh*tfuckery just how easy it is to lie to someone and have them believe it’s true – simply because most people will fail to think for themselves, or verify anything they are told.

    Example – I could tell you that I am a Gourmet Chef that has cooked meals for several celebrities, and that I occasionally still do. “Experts agree” that my meals are amazing. “Studies have shown” that I am among the top 10 chefs in the state of Florida, specializing in pan-seared steaks and seafood. I was taught by generations of chefs in my family, who originally brought their recipes to America from Italy.

    This is all a total lie (I can barely microwave a 7-Eleven burrito) but how would you be able to verify I am lying to you? I just gave you enough detail to appear credible, and all I had to do is throw the phrases “experts say” or “studies have shown” or “most people would agree” and the people of Miami would believe it. They will do zero homework to verify my claim, and the same applies here to COVID.

    Except COVID is worse, because if you tell me a hospital in Dallas is full of patients, there is no way I am getting on a plane to verify this in person, nor would I be able to determine they didn’t all just have the common flu even if I did. CNN and MSNBC said they are all infected and dying, so it must be true! Actor Robert Whul once said “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.” Very profound.

    To add to your point above Decker, I would go so far as to say that this is being done *intentionally* to keep people in a perpetual state of confusion, and keep the train-wreck burning indefinitely. There is obviously an agenda here that has nothing do with a virus, and the powers that be want to stick to it. The world has always had disease and always will. That is just life. Things were fine prior to this year – an election year (not so) coincidentally of a president despised by the deep state and media. They want to control us, and now they are using the hypochondriacs and germaphobes to do it.

    There were probably times in my life where I had have gotten someone sick because I had the flu and didn’t realize it at the time. But how can I prove this? If I did, does that mean I need to spend the rest of my life in shame and wearing a mask? Intentionally coughing on someone when you are sick is one thing, but sometimes accidents happen. Though I feel bad if I got anyone sick, I refuse to perpetually consider myself a “walking pathogen” and wear a mask forever because of germs.

    This is like living in a nightmarish kindergarten now.

    I do not want to sound high-and mighty, but I’m 39 and I have come to realize – with fierce conviction – that most Americans today have the emotional stability and intellectual capacity of little children. Their emotions run their lives, and they are simply not capable of critical or independent thinking. They are constantly led by the nose, and they believe whatever the media tells them. To me, this is ground zero for why things are the way they are today in America.

    Maybe a good portion of people will wake up and start resisting against the government Sh*tfuckery, but I am not going to get my hopes up. At best, it’s going to take things getting even worse for that to happen – people are just way too ignorant and complacent. Maybe it’s just better to become accustomed to the perpetual disappointment.

    On a positive note, here’s wishing everyone a great weekend.

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    1. Thanks, Rob. Agree wholeheartedly, especially that this is being done intentionally to keep people in a perpetual state of confusion. Hope your Friday has been good and wishing you a great weekend!


  2. The singing is angelic. I also appreciate your accurate and proper use of politically incorrect therefore correct expressions. Your words should strike terror in the hearts but in a reality of braindead led by heartless, may as well be preaching in hell!

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    1. Thank you, Sha’Tara. It does indeed feel that way…preaching in hell. But, I just try to keep going. Happy you enjoyed the music….as you said ‘angelic’. Cheers!


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