Humanity Lost – Saturday Night Beethoven

When humanity has lost its ability to understand its humanity, this shitposting writer turns to music, particularly to Beethoven.

Beethoven’s deafness created one of the most touching stories in music. When the symphony (his Ninth) was completed, he remained facing the orchestra and could not hear the thunderous applause of the audience for his new symphony (the Ninth).

Caroline Unger, the mezzo-soprano soloist, had to tap the deaf composer’s arm and have him turn around so that he could see how the crowd’s response. Many of those in attendance, including Miss Unger, had tears in their eyes when they realized the extent of Beethoven’s deafness. –

Imagine being a composer of music as your livelihood…imagine losing the one sense that is most important – your hearing.  And then imagine composing something like the following musical selection for tonight, in near utter deafness, for nothing more than your love of humanity. We cannot imagine it in the present age, because we, as a whole, are so fucked up…but love of humanity, of each other, of our brethren was present not so long ao.

Fast forward to the modern era of shitf**kery, where malcontents express their outrage with bricks thrown through windows, with buying into whatever the latest insanity the media vomits out each day, with never giving a thought of how the seeds of division between us all are cast about each day by the psychopath’s and non-humans in government and media

We’ve been deprived of the simple smile, the expression of care, kindness and love hidden behind masks of shame and oxygen depravation.

Social isolation is the new end-game. Six feet apart, plastic barriers between us – the absolute demolition of life and love is being demonized.

And yet, we continue to obey these motherfuckers!

I take a deep breath tonight, as I do many times throughout each day, and ask myself, as I approach 65 years of living on this quagmire of lunacy – how much longer do we have, before the gods finally come to the conclusion that the innocent’s, who won’t stand for love, who won’t stand for truth, who won’t stand for anything beyond the insanity of the day – how much longer before they pull the plug on this shithole and say, no more.

We’ve been given heaven’s gifts from those who compose glorious music, who compose uplifting and inspiring narratives of life  – we continue to ignore them.

This shitposting writer is of a lesser intellect – yet, he has enough wits to understand that if we don’t come to understand the absolute duplicity of our era,  that if we continue to ignore and cast aside our embrace to beauty, to truth and to love – we are all doomed – subject to a life of whatever poisons the demons offer up each day, week and year.

We are sacrificing our lives and those of our own – for the lies, for the scams, for the plandemics the absolute filth of the era promote.



Beethoven Symphony No. 9 – Movement 4 (final moments) – Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra


  1. Your words here, move me to tears.

    Igor Stravinsky, in an interview many years later, was asked how he composed The Rite of Spring, his answer was, “I was the vessel through which Le Sacre flowed.” Igor knew the truth; what he had written came from another source, a source that cannot be explained away by corporate owned science. It is art that truly separates us from the rest of creation. It is our connection to the actual life, the actual truth!

    Beethoven heard his masterpiece, through the inner ear that all great composers have. He had no choice but to write the ninth, because, like Stravinsky, he had been chosen to be the vessel through which it flowed! The gift these two great composers were given allowed them to write these masterpieces.

    Composer friends of mine agree, in most cases the music writes itself, through us. We are just the willing servants of the art, as are painters, sculptors, dancers and actors.

    Thank you for posting this! I needed the reminder!

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