Do You Believe Like They Do?

Total humiliation is the new normal, as lolcow’s accept the sea of garbage the viruses in government and corporate media barf up each day.

Any deviation from the sea of garbage the lolcows’ have sacrificed themselves into during the past 3 months (and more) from these shysters, they put hands over eyes, ears, and mouths so as to not allow any sliver of common sense to enter their orifices, content to breathe in their own exhaled carbon dioxide from donning the masks of shame they wear each day.

But little streams of truth somehow leach out of the cracks from the supreme f**kery of the day.

An article here, a podcast there – just slivers of truth to be ignored, if even heard:

UK’s two-metre rule is based on little evidence, leading scientists say amid mounting calls on government to drop the measure

  • Professors at the University of Oxford said there is little evidence to support it
  • They reviewed 38 studies and found ‘poor data’ to support the rule
  • It comes as ministers come under intense pressure to slash the rule to save jobs 
  • Prime Minister confirmed he had ordered a ‘comprehensive’ review
  • The results are not expected for weeks, leaving businesses hanging 


Easy for the lolcows to ignore – after all, they have the evening news drones reading scripts provided to them by their corporate overlords to allow the lolcows to feel secure in believing 100% grade horseshit.  Any deviation from the narrative of pitting race against race, sex against sex, class against class that might allow the lolcows to see the utter shitf**kery these demons offer up each day, cannot be allowed.

But the slivers of truth are there:

What Spike? Hospitalization Data Shows No Indication Of A Second Wave – via

And watch, if you care to, of the shitshow we continue to buy into, no matter what country we find ourselves living in:

Day Out in the “New Normal”? No Thanks! | Carl Vernon (7 minutes)


And You Thought Visiting the Dentist Was Bad Before… | Carl Vernon (6 minutes)

Total lolcow humiliation, leading to quiet lamentations, looking to the heavens and asking, as we lay our heads upon our pillows, before slumbers of nightmares…How did it get to this, where we are so f**ked?


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Mack the Knife” – Bobby Darin


  1. Yeah, well, yeah, well, yeah… and so on! Reminds me of Jimmy Buffet’s song, “Fruitcakes”! Fruitcakes in the kitchen (Fruitcakes in the kitchen)
    Fruitcakes on the street (Fruitcakes on the street)
    Struttin’ naked through the crosswalk
    In the middle of the week
    Half-baked cookies in the oven (Cookies in the oven)
    Half-baked people on the bus (People on the bus)
    There’s a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us

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  2. the obedience to this crap is what drives it…they more people do what they are told the more will be DEMANDED of them. never ending tyranny, their new normal will be just that! for them! I have not complied with any demands from the beginning but the human sheep and their compliances does make it difficult to move around and get things done.

    they are being led by a nose ring and they allowed it to be installed on them without a fight. the more they say yes. the worse it gets! those ruling the world are laughing their asses off! truly! how stupid are these people they say to themselves? what else can we make them do!!

    vaccines, tracking bracelets, rings, tatoos…all for the human cattle. none for the ruling elite. these things do not apply to them. as we saw during the lockdown. they were not locked down…just the worker bee’s. those with the mentality of insects. the 99.9% of the popuation.

    there will be 2nd waves, 3rd, 4th. Phase 100 or more…much like the freddy cruger movies ‘nightmare on elm street’. it kept going and going and going…never ending. so to are the days of our virus! never ending because people won’t end it…they keep it going themselves. the media starts the ball rolling and the people grab it and run with it until their feet are raw and bloody. and then pass it to another lolcow (fitting term! ) and on and on it goes.

    like any bully. the more you cower before them. the more they demand. so too is the world of the bent! those demanding obedience to their bent rules and those jumping through hoops to satisfy the rules and rulers. never ending cycle.
    once you say no and mean it. stand up to them and tell them where to stuff it the darkness ends! all it takes is courage. Americans have spent decades being conditioned to be obedient to anything asked of them. Courage is a word they tossed out long ago. Along with the word NO!

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    1. Bravo Highlander… bravo! There was an anti-COVID demo in Chilliwack today. Signs said A lie, no matter how many believe it, is still a lie. The truth, no matter how many deny it, is still the truth.

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