Gather Round – Phases of Our Derangement

Let’s all gather round and pull up the bucket of bat guano from the governments’ well of propaganda and see if it smells like perfume.

Just as we thought…nothing but pure eau de shat, as it always is.

The latest government carnival barker to step onto the stage for some slap-stick comedy  is no other than the US Surgeon General, Jerome Adams.

Look, boys and girls, as he takes a stab at polishing off his latest stand-up comedy routine, only to have it throttled to death with his own flip-flops on an issue near and dear to his heart.

U.S. Surgeon General


Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS!

They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching , but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!

Ah, February 29th! A lifetime ago when these government jackals were still hatching their plans so that misery, in one fashion or another, was the experience of everyone on terra firma, everyday.

But wait! Fast-forward to just yesterday, and this clown has a new and improved composite of bollocks to spew forth:

“Some feel face coverings infringe on their freedom of choice- but if more wear them, we’ll have MORE freedom to go out,” Adams wrote in a tweet.

Total f**king brilliance!

Meanwhile, to go out for dinner and sit for a nicely created feast by fine chefs, you will have to: Make a reservation.  (No big deal).  Then once you’ve arrived, wear your mask of shame – until you sit down at your table.  (Apparently, the cornholio only recognizes and can infect people in restaurants if they are up and moving, and only if they are patrons.)

From there, you’ll have to ensure one in your party has a smart phone of radiation, for paper/plastic menus are no more and the only way you’ll be able to take a gander at the menu is through your hand held radiation device. This pleasant experience continues with wait staff wearing their own masks of shame, giving you the opportunity to say ‘what’ a handful of times as voices and smiles are verboten, buried in masks of shame. Lots of freedom going on here.

And the added bonus is that you get leave your name and phone number with the restaurant so that they might alert the authorities, just in case the cornholio decided to infect anyone there whom you sat six feet away from, as you got up to go to the bathroom, but not while you were eating.  Lovely contact tracing is the dessert to your fabulous meal.

But there’s more from the carnival, there always is. The descent into Hell takes a while.

All hail the mighty cornholio, for just as the government shysters have been telling us, it’s making one of its many encore performances.

Summer cornholio, Autumn cornholio, Thanksgiving and Christmas Cornholio – it’s the virus that just keeps on giving – allowing psychopath’s who get boned by more and more control and power to realize their dreams of lamentations for all.

But no worries – you won’t suffer too much.  Government shysters have your back:

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott says 20-something Texans are catching coronavirus in greater numbers.

“A lot of people have let down their guard,” he said on KLBK-TV’s noon newscast in Lubbock.

“If you do not use these safe strategies, you will test positive,” the governor warned. He referred to wearing a face covering, washing hands and maintaining a safe distance from others when Texans go out.

Though his administration couldn’t provide statistics, (emphasis added) Abbott spoke of a “record pace” of infections among 20-somethings during an appearance on KRGV-TV in McAllen. – via

That’s right…let’s just make shit up. It’s what the lolcows in the U.S. and most other countries love to swallow.  Masks of shame, social distancing, instilling fear of other humans – the lolcows drink deeply of this wine, and if you don’t guzzle the shit – you are of the unclean and not of the body. You will need to be… absorbed, into the collective:

It’s all personal…yes?  The shitf**kery heaped upon us all by these government demons affects us each individually. The following is my shyte….your shyte these nutjobs have imposed upon you is probably far worse – forced evictions, time spent at local food banks for daily sustenance, shelter from the elements.

For three months, my family have not been allowed to see our dying father in a skilled nursing facility.  This week we were told, we “might” be allowed to see him, behind a plexiglass shield, communicating through a phone. My father is 89 years old, has Lewy Body Dementia and advanced Parkinson’s.  He will not be able to comprehend what is going.

This is the ‘care and well-being’ these arseholes advance.

They haven’t a clue of what they do. But… if they do, the lowest of the circles of Hell that await them will not sufficiently atone for their hatred of love and life they’ve advanced upon us all.


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Long One (Comprising of ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’, ’Sun King’/’Mean Mr Mustard’, ‘Her Majesty’, ‘Polythene Pam’/’She Came In Through The Bathroom Window’, ’Golden Slumbers’/ ’Carry That Weight’, ’The End’) · The Beatles


  1. You nailed it to the wall with this one. What really gets me is how subservient are the “business” owners who kowtow to this trumpery when they should ALL be up in arms, or ready to take arms, against this shit. What’s with that slavish obedience to the State, however ignorant and destructive the state bureaucrats – the elected or hired variety but all bought and paid for criminals? When did pride go out the window, courage down the toilet and common sense up the chimney? At least here, in B.C., Canada, it’s almost back to the previous abnormal. Not for theatres or restaurants but the race tracks are roaring… I guess the cornholio can’t catch the racers and the fans are miraculously protected by Big Oil.

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  2. My neighbor is in intensive care, he is not expected to survive (massive heart attack). And his daughter told me that she cannot have contact with him at all.

    And the cattle moo, and the sheep bleat, and I scream and cuss! Another _ucking day in red-white-and-blue hell!

    There should be a hell, which means there isn’t one! Huxley had it right, when he suggested this insane asylum world might just be another planet’s hell.

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  3. The Keep Your Distance governments have blown it. Allowing the protests but keeping the ban on much smaller gatherings like weddings and funerals, they’ve lost their cred.
    They must be hoping for a huge tide of coronavirus deaths post-march and post-riot, because nothing else is going to convince sensible folk that the threat is real.

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    1. Some box stores like Costco still going through the motions though I can’t see what’s in it for them – has to be something. Most places now operate normally though the plexiglass shields remain in place. Stupid is as stupid does my momma always said – Forrest Gump

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      1. And there’s been a new development…
        My local library now requests my name and phone number when I walk in. You know, just in case… although Perth has had a grand total of 9 deaths from 602 cases.2 active cases neither of which are hospitalised.
        Well, that’s a government operation, so I figured yeah, okay. But I went out for breakfast this morning and had to go through the same routine. Except that I had to send them an SMS and tell them I was coming in to eat on the premises. I had to do this even though I was right there. I said to hell with it and got something at my corner store instead.
        All this – and we had a protest that supposedly attracted 10,000 on the weekend. Names and numbers taken there? No.

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      2. Yet despite the screaming discrepancies in “rule application” the numbnuts continue to buy into the hoax. Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.

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      3. Mark Twain — ‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.’ Once the herd has “heard” a hoax and bought it, it’s stampede to the cliff and over. If the perps of this hoax die of anything, it won’t be of covidius fakius but from laughing their arses off on how easy it was to pull a global “war of the worlds” by tugging on the neck strings of bureaucrats and talking heads and get them really bobbing. There was a saying in my country (Brittany) goes like this, “So, M. Bertrand, what profession have you chosen for your son?” “Ah, madame Chantelle, the poor boy is not too bright. We had to downgrade our choices to two: a politician or a policeman. We’re hoping for politics, it pays better.”

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