We Wait…And if We Listen, We are Doomed

Do you remember the good ol’ days, from just a scant few months ago, when you weren’t wearing masks of shame that decrease your oxygen intake and make you look like a two-bit bank robber who hasn’t a clue, while obeying government shysters ‘guidelines’ to social distance yourself from all others, lest the magical cornholio overtake your immune system? Neither do we.

Now, almost all homo sapiens assume sub-mediocrity status and suck the ass of government and media lunatics whose daily agenda is nothing more than to reach into their black hole of shitf**kery and come up with whatever lunacy they pull out.

Here in the U.S. factory of sadness, it wholly depends in which State you live where you will experience the delight of re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic before complete sinkage is realized. It doesn’t matter…it’s all an adventure into the North Atlantic. There might be a few innocents who manage to get into the lifeboats they created outside government interference – but the majority will  ensure their future days of sadness will be ones of total humiliation.

But instead of hearing “Nearer, my God, to Thee” played as their personal tank unfolds, they are more likely to hear this jingling through their minds:, reminding them of the psychopath’s they followed:

As the modern day Tower of Babel is upon us, the sheeple are no longer able to communicate with each other, their brains bathed in a goo of the nonsense they obey.

Feast your eyes on this latest shitf**kery:

Creepy Proposal: Government’s Plans to “Track” COVID-19 at Schools – via activistpost.com By Mac Slavo

Parents who are chomping at the bit to get the schools reopened in the fall are in for a big surprise.  If they do want their child to go back to a public school, it will, first of all, look more like a prison than it did before.  The government wants beacons on every child so they can be tracked at all times — to prevent COVID-19, of course.

When it comes to being overly disturbing, the government has proven it knows no bounds. After all of the evidence the coronavirus is not nearly as deadly as they told us, nor are asymptomatic carriers likely to spread it, they still want to track and monitor and control every tiny aspect of even a child’s life.

When students return to school in New Albany, Ohio, in August, they’ll be carefully watched as they wander through red-brick buildings and across well-kept lawns—and not only by teachers.

The school district, with five schools and 4,800 students, plans to test a system that would require each student to wear an electronic beacon to track their location to within a few feet throughout the day. It will record where students sit in each classroom, show who they meet and talk to, and reveal how they gather in groups. The hope is such technology could prevent or minimize an outbreak of Covid-19, the deadly respiratory disease at the center of a global pandemic.

Many plan to proceed gradually and carefully while keeping kids spread out as much as possible. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for reopening schools recommend staggered schedules that allow for smaller classes, opening windows to provide more air circulation, avoiding sharing books and computers, regular cleaning of buses and classes, and requiring masks and handwashing. Many see some form of distance learning continuing through next year. –Wired

Wait, Tom…can you provide clarity on this?

But not to worry, further clarity of your shitf**kery is provided:

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic – via truepundit.com

The shocking revelations were unveiled on the Thomas Paine Podcast and the Moore Paine Show on Patreonby the two investigators who blew the whistle on the massive Clinton Foundation tax fraud during a Congressional hearing in 2018. John Moynihan and Larry Doyle testified in Congress, detailing the fraud and schemes utilized by the Clinton’s to avoid paying up to $2.5 BILLION in federal taxes.

The investigative duo, in their first interview since that bombshell Congressional testimony, revealed to Paine that representatives from the Gates Foundation met with U.S. Congressman Bobby L. Rush at a sit down in Rwanda, East Africa in mid August 2019 to hash out who would score the windfall from a government contact tracing program. And just last month — nine months after the meetings with the Gates Foundation in Rwanda —  Rush, a Democrat from Illinois, introduced the $100 BILLION H.R. 6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

But no matter…the smile has been extinguished, the innocents’ query gone and we are left with emotions masked by cotton.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”― George Orwell, 1984


Tonight’s musical offering:


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