But, It Looks Better

It’s a narrative like no other around the world, the scam of all scams continues to heap its ugliness upon the unwashed, breaking lives, creating new depths of poverty and unleashing more ‘experts’ on the airwaves, spouting golden rods of vomit for the unclean to follow. The only problem with this narrative is that no one likes to admit they’ve been scammed, and so, silent lamentations are muttered under their masks of shame as they venture out for more humiliations each day brought to them by government and media psychopath’s.

But in some places, life is back to normal. And one of the first places where ‘normal’ returns is at the on-going vaudeville act in Washington, D.C. –

White House forces reporters to ditch social distancing – via ABCnews.go.com

NEW YORK — The White House abandoned social distancing for reporters attending President Donald Trump‘s Rose Garden event Friday because “it looks better,” according to the aide who ordered it.

Seats for reporters at recent White House events had been placed 6 feet apart to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. But shortly before Friday’s event, Trump aides moved the seats closer together so reporters were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder.

Ah yes, the social distancing bullshit – one of the countless scams of the Days of our Virus.

But there were the usual nervous Nellie’s and Neal’s, clutching pearls, sending off proclamations of doom and dread:

The decision “needlessly put reporters’ health at risk,” said Jonathan Karl of ABC News, president of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

Watching the event on television made her angry, CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen said later.

“This is outrageous,” she said. “Those chairs should have been far apart. There was no reason to put them together, except so that President Trump could telegraph a false message.”

Weren’t many of these media hyena’s screeching daily of the millions of lives that would be lost to the cornholio back in March?

And it’s not just if you venture out with masks of shame in place – where you might encounter germs – the shysters supreme want to take the dark dive into the caverns of your bedrooms, where sex is allowed, but only if it’s with a member of the household.

Sex with someone from another household is now illegal in England – the new rules explained – via newspostleader.co.uk

There was a little event some 50+ years ago.  You may have heard of it.  Woodstock ’69, where slop, saliva, viruses, pressing of flesh, drugs, rain, mud, love, music, and acceptance of others, no matter the color of their skin was shared among the 300,000 plus in attendance.  Millions did not die. Small businesses weren’t torched, innocent lives weren’t lost.

How we’ve progressed.

A blast from the past:

Santana – ‘Soul Sacrifice’ – 1969 Woodstock Live Concert – HQ

(As usual, headphones on, full volume, for maximum sensory pleasure – and on a personal note, a tribute to my brother, a drummer on par with the greats!)



  1. I wondered how long it would be before they went after the sex! Well assholes, there’s your kiss of death. Jehovah tried it back when and what a glorious backfire it created. Do they really believe they can stop people who want sex from having sex? What planet are these AH’s from? Ah well, they’re sure putting on a show for me before my “tour of duty” of observation of Planet Hurt is completed. Enterprise, are you reading me: Beam me up Scotty, this planet is controlled by reverse intelligence and it’s deadly! Are you receiving?

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