50% Capacity – The Days of Our Phases

Here comes the time when we all pretend that ‘normal’ life has resumed, just at 50% capacity.  100% capacity is the wet dream we all hope to have, but never will realize from this point forward.

With each new day, there are the familiar government psychopath’s who step to the plate to send bricks of cemented shyte up our asses.  Maybe what’s more entertaining is that we continue to obey the ‘guidances’ from these strange and non-human entities. and the stench of their toe-jam.

Gretchen Whitmer to Michigan Residents: ‘Google How to Do a Haircut’ – via breitbart.com

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) dismissed growing impatience with her economic lockdown orders Monday and recommended residents take to the Internet to learn how to cut their own hair.

Whitmer is easing some restrictions in the coming weeks, but has not budged on allowing barber shops and hair salons to legally reopen.

A look into this person’s eyes details what your eternity in Gehenna might be like if you believe her shitf**kery.

How, you might ask? Because she’ll be the one greeting you into the nether world, and will be your bunk mate for everlasting hours of staring into the abyss of a blackhole of a soul.

More from this mistress of lunacy:

“Like me, you need a haircut desperately? A couple more weeks of this and we may be back in a place where we’re able to do that safely,” she said.

“It’s still going to require strict protocols. It’s still going to require every one of us keeping our guard up and doing the right thing,” she continued, saying she hopes to take more steps before July.

“But we’ve got to follow the data. And so if you’re one of those people that’s going to Ohio, I hope, I pray,” she said, holding up a mask, “that you’re doing your part not to bring COVID-19 home.”

For those who have not traveled, she said, “Google how to do a haircut or throw your hair in a ponytail or curl it and get through the next couple of weeks so we can resume some of these things.”

That’s right, lolcows – ‘google’ how to cut your own hair, how to perform a colonoscopy upon yourself, how to amputate a gangrened appendage. ‘Google’ further for instructions on how to physical distance, how to destroy your children’s mental state permanently by sending them back to school with new guidances from the demons of six feet shit and masks of shame. It’s all there for you to gain immediate acceptance into the first ring of hell – maybe not in this life, but surely in the next.

The graveyards of our lives of apathy and willful ignorance awaits us.

In an everyday example of the shitf**kery of this wasteland of a State this shitposting writer resides in, just going out for a bite to eat, requires obedience to the laughter of insanity from the demons that a human soul will actually abide thereof:

Call ahead and make your reservation

Enter the chamber of humiliation (the front door), with your mask of shame duly in place, where you are required to provide your name and phone number to partake of their culinary offerings, and then instructed to go back to your vehicle and wait until you are electronically notified that you may enter their chamber of sadness for sustencance.

Enter upon their sacred grounds, with your mask of shame firmly in place, until, these stalwarts of health who run a restaurant, determine that you, can remove your mask, but only upon sitting at the table of food service.

Don’t think of moving, don’t think of attending to bodily functions in their toxic shyte of a restroom. Sit firmly in your seat of shame, with your mask of shame under your chin, and receive your reward of obeying the assholes of our time:

All that is left is that when you depart this vaudeville – Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph might ask….you actually believed this f**kery?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Bach: Concerto for 4 pianos BWV 1065 III. Allegro (D. Fray, J. Rouvier, E. Christien, A. Vigoureux)

Photo by Edan Cohen on Unsplash


  1. Hope you are feeling better?!

    The pathetic thing is, almost all of this misery is being perpetrated by these state’s little Hitlers, like this bitch who needs to be home baking bread or servicing the hubby, instead of running a state.

    Not that the male varieties of these Hitler youth are any better, as you and I both know so well. They refuse to accept the fact that more and more of us know this COVID-19 is nothing but a baldfaced lie, which from its beginning, was intended to bring down the economy and cull the masses.

    I, nor all of my friends, nor their families and friends, know one person who has been ill and/or died from this all too common cold/flu. A ‘pandemic’? Where?

    There needs to be an uprising, and then a savage and ruthless ‘come-uppance’ for assholes like this woman, the other governors, Fauci, Birx, Gates, Trump, etc, etc! But as you know, there will not be an uprising, because Americans have been turned into a herd of cattle: they will obediently and willingly go and do what they are told, when they are told, and how they are told, and without any questioning whatsoever. And therefore, most Americans are about to get what they truly deserve!

    I have a friend, a PhD in Education, a published author, and he is a card carrying member of this herd. I have given up trying to reason with him.

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