More Days of Our Phases

On tonight’s episode of ‘let’s tear this place apart’, some Americans and agent provocateur’s in large cities, not happy with the absolute annihilation of all decent life dictated by government dickheads to lay to waste because of the cornholio, have seen it right and proper to cast their gaze upon making even more of mess of the lives of innocents the government dickheads have sought to trash with their lockdowns and safe-at-home bullshit, sending a wrecking ball upon parts of their city, turning them into a earthly version of the first ring of hell.

As the gods seem to want to screw the innocents at every twist and turn, not only do to the government lolcows step up to the plate, settling in place to add shitf**kery whenever and however they can, the citizen lolcows follow suit.

This shitposting writer has succumbed to the flu in the past few days. No, not the cornholio.  Just the ordinary flu.  Body aches, cold sweats, hallucinations in the early morning hours from not being able to sleep because of the above, have kept me in pj’s for the last few days.  (No, I haven’t furrowed away and discounted the joys of showering each day – Sir Hennery, the resident canine here could not abide thereof, and neither could I)…I just decided, what the f**k and joined the many in spirit, who think it quite lovely to go to the grocery store in the cotton, germ-infested pj’s they’ve been wearing for weeks without wash, to said grocery store, with their germ-infested mask of shame in place, and instead of venturing out, deciding it not wise to go public and expose others to the ordinary flu that few give a shyte about. It’s been three days of pure bliss – not giving a shyte about what’s going on outside the confines of the asylum.

And in these three days of darkness, this shitposting writer awakens not to the gift of scented toilet paper, but rather to something more grim and f**ked up – that the lolcows continue to listen to whatever ‘big dick nick’ from whatever government agency of shitf**kery the corporate media gets all boned about.

And what do the corporate media get all boned or wet about? Why, of course, it’s something from the Faucet of nonsense, the gollum Dr. Fauci; except when the gollum has messages the mainstream media can’t support:

Fauci changes tune, now says second COVID-19 wave may never happen — and mask-wearing is symbolic – via

Fauci also said that Americans should wear face masks in public to protect themselves — but also to get into good practices.

“I want to protect myself and protect others [by mask-wearing], and also because I want to make it be a symbol for people to see that that’s the kind of thing you should be doing,” he added.

During the interview, the infections diseases expert also admitted that wearing a mask is not 100% effective, but says that it is a gesture that shows “respect” for other people.

A “symbol” of what we should be doing…birthed by a complete asshole.

Will this be reported by the mainstream corporate media lolcows?  Not a chance.

But as the early morning spirits of the flu ask that I abide thereof, yet with sotto voce tell me are on the downside… there remains stupidity, and then nether-world stupidity, where we are asked by the demons to drink of oddities beyond the innocent plane, to more  shitf**kery up our backside on the eternal end that we continue to spit nails about, but excruciatingly, accept.

And sadly, most seem to relish it all.

But, it doesn’t have to be their way…Prepare folks, as best you can.

Changing your life in a time of crisis how to thrive  – 15 minutes for health – Dr. John Bergman D.C.



Tonight’s musical offering:

In My Life (Remastered 2009) · The Beatles


  1. Get better soon! And keep your distance!;-)

    Fauci needs to be castrated and then stoned to death, along with a few others. Of course, nothing like this will ever happen, he’s special, just ask Bill Gates.

    I stole this article from you and linked it on a post. Thanks!

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