Sotto Voce Lamentations – ‘The Days of Our Virus’

Give the boneheads a new day and they’ll drop fresh guano to add to the avalanche that’s already been discharged from government and corporate arseholes.

And being true to the moniker of the ‘silent majority’, the majority remain mostly silent to new rapid punches to the crotch delivered each day by the pyschopath’s. Sotto voce lamentations abound among the unwashed:

Bars and Restaurants Allowed to Reopen if They Agree to Snitch on Customers – via

…Three cities, in Louisiana, Texas and Missouri, will only allow non-essential businesses to reopen if they agree to collect customers personal information.

According to NOLA Ready, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the city of New Orleans are creating a “new normal” by forcing bars and restaurants to collect customers personal information.

“We know everyone is eager to reopen. It’s not going back to normal; it’s what we’re calling ‘the new normal.’ It will be the data and not the date that drives not only the decision but the phased approach to reopen the City of New Orleans. Today, we are outlining what those guidelines will be for the City,” said Mayor Latoya Cantrell.

As explains the “new normal” is for bars and restaurants to become government snitches.

“New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced business owners will be required to keep logs of the names and contact information of patrons who enter their establishments once the Big Easy reopens to help with contact tracing—a move that Cantrell called part of the new normal, as New Orleans and Louisiana plan to rollback coronavirus restrictions this month.”

Two different articles in reveal how DHS and the city of New Orleans plan to use COVID-19 contact tracing as an excuse to record customers personal information.

What the f**k is the Department of Homeland Security doing in the restaurant business? What a stupid question, eh…they are involved in all sorts of the daily f**kery of the innocent’s, apathetic’s and ignorant’s.

Good job, boys. You’re finally getting serious about killing off the restaurant industry. Not only have you taken all beauty, whether it be the beauty of live music, the visual beauty of botanic gardens, the visual delight of a smile, or even a trip to a mountain getaways because you have a dickhead governor who spews shyte that the mountain towns aren’t ready for….visitors, and destroyed all that – No, your aren’t content and choose to take away the dining experience, making it so painful that customers would rather continue to plant their asses in their home prison cells and watch TV programs and insipid offerings on the world-wide-waste of what use to be ‘allowed’.  Conglaturations! The old and unenlightened normal is so yesterday.  Awaken and embrace to the new normal as created by Beelzebub’s turds in human form.

And if no f**ks are given about spooning with the new normal, well, bend over boys and girls, because there’s even more shitf**kery coming your way that you will be prodded to accept; visually, sensory, orally or anally.

“Your Every Move Will Be Watched”: Post-COVID Offices To Resemble China’s Social Credit System – via

We recently detailed how when America’s white collar work force returns to their offices, business complexes, and sky scrapers, their experience in the post-COVID ‘reopened’ work space is likely to resemble something more like an airport security check zone, complete with invasive protocols like frequent temperature checks and ‘social distancing’ and health surviellance, as well as Plexiglass eclosed cubicles and HR-style enforcement monitors.

If all that sounds like a hassle, the WSJ has since taken up the question of America’s near-future office spaces, and the end result looks to be worse than expected. “Your every move will be watched,” the report emphasizes:

In Midtown Manhattan, thermal cameras will measure body temperatures as employees file into a 32-story office tower at Rockefeller Center. The building’s owner, RXR Realty, said it is also developing a mobile app for tenants to monitor — and score — how closely their workers are complying with social distancing.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP said it is preparing to launch this month a phone app for employers that traces contacts by analyzing workers’ interactions in the office. More than 50 clients have expressed interest, including some of the nation’s biggest banks, manufacturers and energy companies.

Isn’t life at home wonderful?  Memories of horrible failures from years past haunt the unwashed as they slowly; kind of; well maybe, but not really, come to grips to that which they never gave a rat’s ass about, of what their apathy and willful ignorance has wrought.

Don’t look too closely, for they blink rapidly and go back to staring at the screens of un-enlightenment, waiting for their newest orders of what to swallow today.

But we pause at the Asylum tonight from writing any more of my shitposting and take a break with the doggies, Mabel & OIive:

The Walk of Shame – mrandrewcotter

And as you take the break of humor with this shitposting writer…try to remember…

“Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.” ― Malcolm X


Tonight’s musical offering:

Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet, No 13 Dance of the Knights (Valery Gergiev, London Symphony Orchestra)

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash



  1. Decker, as always I admire and enjoy your wonderfully sarcastic humor coupled with the serious warning to remain unfettered in our ignorance of the destruction the ptb uses to tear down our society and making it a hell on earth.

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  2. I read the same stuff. They actually think that people are gonna keep up with all of that crap? If they snitch on their customers and the customers find out? Who will come back? Will there be restaurants burned?

    The one about Austin has already been addressed. The Texas AG was like “I don’t think so.” My buddies in Texas told me about that one. I lived in Texas for nine years and worked in Austin. I keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

    The NO Mayer is nuts, anyway.

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