The Glue of Fear Keeping Us All Together…While We’re All Alone

Orders, edicts, recommendations and sometimes ‘strong recommendations’ coming from the vaudeville dickheads in government and media – those that really catch the attention of the lolcows, who promptly shit themselves upon hearing the latest fear porn, are the glue of fear keeping us all in this together, while we’re all alone.

The never-ending orders, edicts and recommendations come at us like rapid-fire kicks to the crotch from the usual suspects of shitf**kery: government dickheads, mainstream media morons, demented Hollywood a-holes, local social justice warriors, and even the Pontiff himself.

Yes, boys and girls, the Pontiff wants you to offer a pray to baby Jesus, and then just shut the f**k up and obey:

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Obedience’ to State Lockdowns – via

“At this time, as indications emerge for a way out of quarantine, we pray that the Lord will grant us the grace of prudence and obedience to these indications, so that the pandemic does not return,” the pontiff said in a daily tweet.

Yes…just stay in your homes and slowly die. It is YOUR DUTY! Obey the absolute worst of the worst from Gehenna and suck their ass. You are scum to them. They haven’t a nano-second thought or care of how their order, edicts and recommendations are destroying your lives.

Or, on the flip side, rather than pay heed to the dickheads, maybe plan ahead, and relocate to a state where ‘death with dignity’ is their offering to those who can no longer live a life of where there is no hope, no avenue, no glad tidings of joy that the demons promised but never delivered.

You are allowed to congregate where you can obtain food to keep you from assuming room temperature, that is if the grocery store nazi’s allow you in.  It you don’t don the proper face covering of f**kery that deprives your body of the necessary oxygen needed to fight off viruses due to a depleted and compromised immune system, well, NO FOOD FOR YOU!

You need liquor…no problem, these outlets are deemed ‘essential services’, while your doctor, whether allopathic or natural, are considered ant shit. But just continue to pray to baby Jesus, and don’t forget to bend over and assume ass mode as these absolute pricks deny access to anything beyond the grocery store run where, apparently, the cornholio cannot abide.

Pray by yourself, for any gathering of the faithful in any mosque, church, synagogue or other is forbidden by these bullies. Bend over further if you fantasize of a life of normal from a scant few months ago. The gods of the stench of the anus laugh at you.

Rest assured, as you sit upon the porcelain throne in or outside your crib, you are screwed – but only as long as you continue to listen and obey these freaks.

At your next dinner at your home, if you are so blessed to be sharing dinner with those of your kin, tell them, or maybe more politely ask them, how blessed are we to be sharing dinner together while so many of our fellow humans are on the streets, hungry, homeless and without assistance as we allow the demons from Hell to lay waste our lives.

No…if it isn’t this meal…this one shared tonight – your last meal together – it might be the last one you ever imagined, in your worst nightmare. This might be the end. A meal shared of the forgotten and doomed. Those cast aside –  those the keyboard warriors never thought of as they sent out missive after missive, condemning those who might protest, for their jobs the government dickheads extinguished, jobs that provided their daily bread, jobs that were their lives.

The government and mainstream media hyena’s continue to howl their daily and nightly insanity.

And why – when our own personal lives, and those of our loved ones are at stake by continuing to believe in the Ring of Hell these present-day demons offer up each day – all one can conclude is…if we continue to follow this outhouse of stench, this stench of toe-jam, this stench of the mind-fuck we turn our attention to each day from these assholes – if we don’t choose the proper and enlightened path presented before each of us where we, collectively say “fuck no”  to your shyte….how long do each of us have?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Tedeschi Trucks Band – “Midnight in Harlem”


  1. All so true Decker, but the flip side is that pollution is way down, the dolphins appear to be happier, the song birds are singing more according to those who listen and the autos are sitting at rest.

    And just how many people won’t go back to that job that they have always hated that drove them to drink every night just to forget their fucking cubicle-day.

    An if things work really well the entire social structure will collapse and can be rebuilt outside the lie we have all taken in our entire lives.

    Tubularsock sees way more good happening than not.

    Tubularsock can understand why trained people want to GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS but Tubularsock isn’t one of them.

    Slavery has been built in from birth and enforced by the “bell” system of control when one goes to school and then off to the 8 to 5 system and then drinking and fucking TV!

    Fuck that shit!

    What if huge numbers of people wake up to the fact that they have been had and just refuse to go back …………..

    Then what?

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    1. Great stuff, Tube…I would absolutely love it if people woke up to the fact they’ve been had and refuse about anything that came out of the mouths of these assholes

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  2. Yet, more ironies piled on top of ironies. Suddenly, all the supposedly woke beings and unwitting victims of fear-porn are listening to the pope. I did not know that it was now ok to dig the current installment of the 5 Star General of the heretofore,intensley despised, Roman Gabriel catlick choich, and heed his caring words. All a testimony to the media f@$kover that too many poor souls have sadly succumbed to.

    If Padre Pio were still alive, his blood-flow would be epic. Employ the Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch, please. Thank you!

    In the sage advice from the new norm, Spock, (not the doctor), ‘Live long and wash your hands, dumb-massk.’

    Via con Diamanda Galas!

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