Wrapped in Plastic Bullshit and Unable to Breathe

In the land of the insouciant, apathy and ignorance are so embraced by the humans of sadness, that they will resort to believing in any fresh bullshit of the day, no matter how putrid it might smell.

In fact, the lolcows come up ways to fast track their trip to the complete tank of their lives and those of their loved ones by not only inhaling the fresh bullshit of the day, but actually lapping it up and smearing it upon their bodies of sadness.

Read, weep and then laugh out loud, boys and girls, of an article penned recently by a ‘genius’ at NPR:

Adding a Nylon Stocking Layer Could Boost Protection from Cloth Masks, Study Finds – via npr.org

During World War II, nylon stockings disappeared from store shelves as the valuable synthetic material was diverted to make critical wartime supplies such as parachutes, flak jackets and aircraft fuel tanks. Now, new research suggests that nylon stockings could once again play a critical role in a national battle — this time by making homemade cloth masks significantly more protective.

Researchers at Northeastern University have found that adding an outer layer made from nylon stockings to a homemade face covering can boost its ability to filter out small particles in the air by creating a tighter seal between the mask and the wearer’s face. In some cases, that extra nylon layer helped homemade cloth masks match or exceed the filtering capability of medical-grade surgical masks.

(If you have the desire to see a photo of what this nuttiness looks like on a real, live factory of sadness human being, click on the article and try not to burst out in laughter.)

This is what we’re coming to…right?

download (3)

Former humans, wrapped in plastic, carrying around the bags of shit from the government and media we continue to listen to.  I see and hear of shyte like this and conclude, there is no hope – it is over – humans have embraced their tank and are hell-bent to ensure their journey here ends swiftly.

But there is, as always, hope, and there are slivers of it to be read of and seen, here.

Just as a gentle reminder from a shitpost of mine from just a couple of days ago…

Describing common issues associated with wearing face masks, independent journalist Akshita Nagpal explains, “A person wearing any kind of mask faces breathing resistance as air filters through the device, making the wearer work harder to inhale than he would without the mask.”

“This can have several adverse physiological effects when the mask is worn for long periods of time,” she continues. “Moreover, carbon dioxide that is exhaled can get trapped in the chamber of the mask the re-enter the body each time the mask user inhales. This delivers less oxygen into the body than when the person is not wearing a mask.”

Dr. Dipankar Saha, scientist and additional director at India’s Central Pollution Control Board, said, “It can lead to oxygen shortage, suffocation, respiration trouble, and heart attacks.”

Dr. Saha also pointed out that masks are a often sources of bacteria and viruses, saying, “The moisture from exhalation inside the mask, when in constant contact with the 37 degrees Celsius warm human body, becomes ideal place for virus and bacteria to thrive. This could result in the growth of microbes on masks and aid the spread of airborne diseases like influenza.” via scroll.in/pulse

Tonight’s offering of acquiring knowledge outside the shitf**kery of the demons who are set to destroy life, and not just life outside yours, but YOUR life, follows:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Discusses a New World Order of Sovereignty – Jason Liosatos -Outside The Box  – (40 minutes)

Smiles have been abolished because of the mask; empathy has been abolished because of the mask – for how in the fuck can you offer any type of sympathy, empathy, care and love behind a concoction of cloth and chemical layers of shit these government and media dickheads promote, and the soon-to-dead, follow.

No more hugs, no more of the pleasurable and heavenly created gift of skin upon skin. No more exchanging of thoughts – for your thoughts are now being permanently masked. And if you don’t adhere to the absolute f**kery of the shit of the day from the corporate media, from the tyrannical leaders – you are not of the body and you will need to be…absorbed.

If you might be wondering why family members, friends and loved ones who refuse to see or acknowledge you because of the cornholio… why they are seeped in the demise of their souls….go back to the initial offering of this shitpost, and look upon the photo of a human wrapped in plastic and ask yourselves – is this f**kery of life is what we are destined for?

The apathetic’s and innocent’s have assumed and have fully ingested the absolute filth, shyte, dung and lies from government a-holes and their counterpart of f**kery in the media


Tonight’s musical offering:

(Thank the heavens for the Cat)

Yusuf / Cat Stevens – “The Wind”

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash


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