What If They Gave Their Orders and No F**ks Were Given?

Another day in the asylum, another round of multiple punches to the crotch from the dickheads.

Today, at 2:00 p.m., the mayor of this shit-hole of a city I reside in issued his latest kick to the crotch: stay-at-home orders taking effect tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., that basically prohibit one from living.

Oh, you can still go to the grocery store, still can seek out medical care, still can go to the park or on a walk, as long as it’s not more than two slaves walking together, practicing social distancing, and can still go to take care of an elderly relative.

Other than those “freedoms” that you might practice…and f**k you if you color outside the lines… they’ll fine your ass up to $999.00 if they feel so inclined.

Initially, their closure of retail also included all liquor stores and smoke shops. Deep and loud lamentations among the ignorant’s and apathetic were heard, resulting in instant runs on liquor stores, with lines extending outside the stores and into the next county.

The dickheads, fearing punches to their own crotch’s, changed the order to allow liquor and smoke shops to remain open during the shut-down, but only if they practiced “extreme physical distancing,” whatever in the f**k that means. The populace remaining drunk or high is of supreme importance to the dickheads, lest the ignorant’s and apathetic’s come to understand how screwed they are and revolt.

But it could be worse, I think.

In Spain You Can’t Use Your Own Back Yard. Police Make Sure of It. – via activistpost.com

Spaniards are no longer even allowed to be in the private gardens of apartment blocks, even if families take turns using them. In short, we are no longer allowed to use our own gardens. They have been temporarily expropriated.

If people are just scared enough, they entrust themselves to a (temporary) dictatorship without grumbling. They give up their freedom in the hope of being saved by state leaders advised by wise experts. Fear makes people controllable. Instead of protesting against the violation of their property rights, they clap their hands every day at 8 p.m. in Spain. Initially, the applause was mainly to show support for doctors and nurses, but in the meantime cheers for the police have been mixed in.

The state leaders plan the violation of liberty centrally. They do not have the necessary information to give a rational answer to the coronacrisis. They take into account the benefits of the curfew and economic shutdown but not the costs, because these are not quantifiable.

One of the immediate costs is the loss of a more rapid immunization of the population. But there are other health costs. Being confined to one’s own four walls, with the corresponding lack of physical exercise, will lead to increased cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, strokes, and thromboses, among other things. The psychological burden of being locked up is especially immense. The psychological strain will cause some marriages and families to break up; trauma and depression will be created.

The insouciant’s are so steeped in their mind-f**k from the psychopath’s that they can’t see the venus fly trap that waits to entrap them in whole.

My 35-year-old son, of whom I mentioned in my last shit-posting, who lost his job due to the Mighty Mouse virus, still has not been able to log in and file a claim – with the State filing system so f**ked that he has been waiting a week to log in and finalize his claim.

The masses have bent over en masse, waiting for whatever next psychotic big dick comes their way, no matter whether they are so inclined to that kind of ‘pleasure’.

If just one, then two, then three and then more, simply stood and say no more to the f**kery ordered, would the dickheads be able to withstand?

For my part, I will still take Sir Henry on a walk everyday, no matter the numbers of humans they say I can walk with. I’ll go about however and whenever I please, I’ll go to see my dying parents, I’ll talk to people, no matter how close or far away they are from me. I will protest as best as this aging body will allow, and if I violate the ‘rules’ set forth by these stained semen’s – I could give a flying f**k.

India Is Now Hand Stamping People Who Are Suspected to Have COVID-19 Infections – via activistpost.com

And now, as if the coronavirus containment scenes from around the world weren’t dystopian enough, the disturbing imagery continues in India, where those suspected of having the coronavirus are now being given hand stamps, according to Reuters.

What might give us a breath of sanity? Not much of anything from this shit-posting writer – instead consider the following – a guaranteed laugh and more:
A Few Words On Coronavirus, & Update on The Richie Allen Show – Monday, March 23rd, 2020 – Richie Allen
Activist Post Editor’s Note: Richie Allen is back after a health hiatus with some colorful language, humorous musings and insightful analysis about the madness that is unfolding.
We desperately need a diversity of voices during this time, and Richie’s is a most welcome contribution on the ground from Manchester UK.


Support Richie Allen HERE.

If Only People Cared More About Their Freedom as Much as They Do About Their Liquor, Weed and Smokes, along with their shit-postings of compliance – and just maybe come to the understanding that their love of the intake they enjoy, can be extinguished by the f**kers they continue to believe in…if only.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beginnings – Leonid & Friends (Chicago cover)


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