A Tale – ‘The Days of Our Virus’

It’s a narrative like no other in the U.S., or any other locked-down, tyrannical government around the world – frighten the bejesus out of the citizenry.

In the beginning, the narrative was safe, as the government officials (dickheads), cried, in unison – you’re all gonna die.

Instant pandemonium was unleashed upon the populace. The gods of f**kery were most pleased.

The populace assumed their typical position when hearing orders of horseshit from their elected officials and stuck their head up their arse’s and believed.

Innocent’s, apathetic’s, and the willful ignorant all succumbed to the shitf**kery and started hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer’s – then boxed and plastic containers of food shyte, then onto mega-sized packages of toilet paper, somehow tuning into the gods of f**kery inner demons, telling them they might possibly have to sit upon the throne and shit their brains out for the next few months.

They heard terms like “shelter-in-place”, a lexicon that heretofore was reserved for terrorized school children. It must be serious if the dickheads were now applying it to them.

The dickheads were relentless with their message of panic. Thousands, in a world-wide population of billions were dying, so the media shysters proclaimed. Everyone, the shysters spewed, could be, possibly might be, were carriers of the virus. The populace swooned, and if they had a God they believed in, bended the knee, and then went out and fought off other of the unclean for more toilet paper.  Mighty and long-lasting shits on the porcelain thrown were expected.

The gods of f**kery pressed on and cancelled all events where the populace congregated. The virus was strong, so the shysters said, and came up with a further narrative that no one could withstand the germs of any thereof, and must neither shake hands, touch, make eye contact, or the gods forbid, exchange bodily fluids with any other. The populace continued to bend over and take on painful colonoscopy’s up the arse.

Prayers to baby Jesus and other heavenly entities were shared by the populace to get the Heavenly’s attention that there was a deadly virus that might bring them home sooner than anticipated, such was their love of the home Jesus had provided them in the hereafter.

The populace continued to obey the demons admonitions of shyte, watching gems of government turds on the television, telling them of more shyte to be afraid of.

The innocent’s, apathetic’s and willful ignorant’s continued to assume their position of obedience, burying their heads further up their arse’s, complying with the gods’ idiocy of maintaining a distance of at least 3 feet from another living being. The gods of f**kery were laughing hysterically.

The tank was deep within the populace. They embraced the lockdowns ordered by the demons with the compliance of that of Hindu cows, conning themselves into believing that mind-numbing activities of virtual happy hours, virtual sex romps, virtual town halls, virtual family gatherings would be the new normal needed to avoid the germs that might, on any given Sunday, bring about their ultimate doom.

And Jesus not only wept…but laughed. So little faith they admonished others to have before ‘The Days of Our Virus’.

Yet then a sliver of sanity emerged, shedding heavenly light upon the darkness the demons had created. God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this circus huddled together and decided to give the humanoids yet another chance to pull their heads out of their arse’s and inhale a breath of truth:

99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy says – via bloomberg.com

More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.

For more on this, see: nomorefakenews.com – Jon Rappoport

Sadly, it seems, the tank of the populace cannot be denied. They have their heads buried, minds permanently steeped in shitf**kery.  They admonish any and all who choose to stick their heads out from the outhouse of shit from these demons, to ask, simply, what the f**k is all this?

What a waste of beauty, love and creative wonders of the populace.

Eternal lamentations from the Creator can be heard.

Hail to the dickheads!


Tonight’s musical offering:

(One of the latest from our musical, genius brethren, not matter who they are or where they reside – headphones on and volume up for maximum sensory pleasure)

“Vehicle” – Leonid & Friends (The Ides of March cover – 50th anniversary of the song)

Photo by Isaac Wendland on Unsplash


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